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hey guys!I got some good news and bad news!
The good news is that I will be streaming during this next sunday night in my channel… (no audio because windowsXP).

The bad news is that I'm doing this for donations because past wednesday an earthquake damaged my apartment and now I'm trying to fix the ceiling and other broken things as fast as I can.

The worst news is that this is my first livestream and there's a big chance that I'm gonna start acting like a total idiot who doesn't know what is doing (because I really don't know how that thing works). so yeah, if you want to make fun of me for some hours come this sunday night to my livestream. ( I can't say you will have fun, but you can be sure this is gonna be totally awkward )

paypal for donations:

stream is over! made almost $400 for repairs. thank you very much everybody!
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oh gosh an earthquake hope your ok!