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wishing well of HORROR!

[ insert comment about trixie being the best pony]
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Alicorn Twilight: Oh well, this will please my fans who prefer me as a unicorn!

Twilight(Trixie): And for Trixie fans?

Alicorn Twilight: we you should be more careful of what you wise for, Plus this thing never give anyone wish but troll every creature who use it and the effect is work 24 and 30 minute!

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She Should've Wished To Become An Alicorn

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Ah ah ah, E for Everyone!
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for the insert comment,

At least she's smart now

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be careful what you wish for
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Not far from there, Discord was hiding in the bushes, sniggering.
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Just as planned!
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I think she was trying to say the "S-word".
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That well is a troll.
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[paints the sign and says "The not-so Wishing Well - BEWARE!"]
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poor Trixie XD:icontrixiegrumblingplz: Trixie Crying :icontrixiecrunchysiplz 
hahaha, poor trixie
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im gonna pull a quote from gaunter o'dimm, "I give folk what they want..." 
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im also going to quote olgierd von everec, "you must be careful what you wish for lest your wish be granted. For there are consequences"
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