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waiting for daddy

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something I did inspired by the fic "fuchsia"
read it on equestria daily
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DrWhoFan611Hobbyist Writer
Where's the link to it?
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You forgot to draw her cutie mark.
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DrWhoFan611Hobbyist Writer
She didn't have it yet.
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DragoLord19DHobbyist Writer
Just... So... D'awwwwwwwww...... Hurk.... *dies*
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GiromCalicaHobbyist General Artist
Day 33, in DeviantART, still waiting for daddy, food running low...
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TheHeroofHarmonyHobbyist Digital Artist
Wait a minute....there are BUSES!? owo DAFAQ IS THIS MADNESS? XD
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Twilight looks adorable! And the background is lovely :clap:
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Aww. Very cute and a little sad.
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*cuddles her*
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It's been about a year and a half, and she's still waiting. What was Daddy's excuse?
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Twillight: Daddy! Awe woo coming fow me? (Are you coming for me?)
Dad: No.
Twilight: B-but.. Woo pwomised! Woo pwomised twiwwight spawkwe. (You promised! You promised Twilight Sparkle!)
Dad: I'm sorry, But I really need to go to work.
Twiligt.: Woo... Don't... Wub...Me... *runs off*
Dad: I'm coming after work...
Twilight: YAY! DADDY DOES WUB MWE! O u o
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RandomFoxFanHobbyist Artist
so cute :3
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I'm reminded of the scene in "My Neighbor Totoro" where the two girls were waiting at the bus stop for their father.

And yes, he did show, but he was late. (Not his fault mind you.)
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LinkificationHobbyist Digital Artist
That's creepy, because that's the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture xD
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luckylulu51Student Digital Artist
i have seen that fic a couple of times now i need to read it
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GamziMakrHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm afraid I don't think I understand the message, is she waiting for her dad, but it's implied that he won't come?
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The filly who waited...
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Madmax you're breaking my heart.
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OutsidethesphereHobbyist Writer
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I'm doing you commenters (and artist) a favor and adding the link to the root page on EquestriaDaily.
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Dreamcatcher174Hobbyist Writer
This... made me cry... WAAAAAHHH!!'
I just want to walk up and hug Twilightm then pick up her suitcase and carry it for her!!
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Oh boy. This is not gonna end well is it?
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