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Dude, I'm Tripping Balls
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MichaelJohnMorrisProfessional Digital Artist
That explains a lot. XD
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JAAMTheArtistHobbyist Filmographer
She's amazing
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ConickityHobbyist Digital Artist
reading through the comment section is the real trip.
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Rainbow is lecturing Twilight on being irresponsible...

That's so ironic, Magneto could use it to bust out of prison!
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stupid  fucking good for nothing bronies, they do nothing all fucking day except for sit on there lazy fucking ass' and obsess over some stupid kids show.
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CatnessaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, and everyone is fine just the way they are. Your opinion isn't needed. So go ahead and f*ck yourself outta here!
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fuck you you obese good for nothing fucking zealot
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MadisonQuartzHobbyist General Artist
If you hate bronies so much then why are you looking at my little pony fanart?
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because i think my little pony fanart is the best place to say that
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MadisonQuartzHobbyist General Artist
That's basically the same as walking into a restaurant and yelling "THIS PLACE SUCKS." not going to go down so well, is it? Same thing for deviantart. There are people here who like these things, and they deal with hate like this on a regular basis. If you want to give your opinion, that's fine. But please try not to do it in a hurtful and mean way.
snoopybog2's avatar
ok, i won't.
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Nice style of drawing, me man. :-)

I love it how Rainbow is chiding high Twi'.
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LilllyEeveeHobbyist Artist
twilight is a princess when shinning married to Candace why she have to be a  alicorn to be one it doesn't make any sense...
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Celestia999Student General Artist
Ha ha VERY funny

So inappropriate!😠😠😠
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FilozoaHobbyist Digital Artist
I always knew Twilight was Mexican..
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Uniqorn91Hobbyist General Artist
LOL! XD Twilight ate a SPECIAL muffin XD
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SecantzHobbyist Digital Artist
Ha Ha, very funny. Sounds like a great New Years Eve party for someone in MLP.
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ThePersonasHobbyist Digital Artist
In high school term of "Princess" she's a total /long censored beep/ who likes to *bleep* a *bleep bleep* every *bleep*-Ing hour... Well... At least that's Hollywood's version... And stereotypes....
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ThePersonasHobbyist Digital Artist
No offense to anybody, really
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can you all laugh at me and call me filth, read it and youll see what I mean, its not fake. I am a bully and bullied this girl sending her and him threats making her cry and then her boyfriend lionman8012 blackmailed my facebook pic into me apologizing to her by me kissing his ass.
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Foxy-TrashStudent Artisan Crafter
honestly dude? you comment on everything oh my god...
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JulietteOnlineHobbyist Artist
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Heh heh heh.  Real-Twilight's not as responsible as the horse version.  I wonder if that played a role in her delusion...
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