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tourist trap

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eventually twilight lost her voice after 2 hours of continuously yelling that "nopony ever pays attention to what she say"
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I bought a ticket 
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Midnite-WolfeStudent Artist
I'm surprised Spike hasn't already eaten the entire castle! Maybe that's why they only show certain places in the castle in the show, all the other places have bite marks all over the place because of Spike!
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meiyeezhuHobbyist Traditional Artist
Spoiler for "Triple Threat":

Spike may had overcame his addiction to eating the castle, but not Ember
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KartoffelkammHobbyist Writer
Speaking of which, there is a somewhat popular theory going around that the castle may or may not be sentient in some way.

And just like that, Ember eating parts of the castle is a lot darker...
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meiyeezhuHobbyist Traditional Artist
It came from a seed conjured up by the pillars, so technically, the castle is a crystallized plant;

Science has already disproved the theory of plant perception
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KartoffelkammHobbyist Writer
Well, actually, the pillars each infused a crystal seed with their magic, and over time, these seeds became the Tree of Harmony.

Also, of course plant perception is a thing. If one plant is attacked by insects, for example, nearby plants with start producing substances to fight these insects, even if they themself are not yet under attack.
Therefore, if the castle, which is connected to the tree, which is connected to all of Equestria, senses that something is threatening the land, it´ll do what it can to procte the land.
Sure, it won´t stand up and kick some flank, but it can use the table-map-thingy to summon ponies or other magical beings, such as Spike, to certain locations.

The Tree of Harmony was created from the light of Equestria, a. k. a. the Pillars, and the seed it created, which grew into the castle, most likely needs this light to survive, just like the tree itself. Therefore, if the Tree of Harmony notices a threat, it lets the castle know, which then sends the most qualified beings in its reach to eliminate this threat. That´s basic plant immune system behavior, and if plant perception was not real, this wouldn´t work.

Also, Equestria is not our world, so I guess we can assume that not everything has to be the exact same in both worlds. I mean, in a world inhabited by magical, talking ponies, shape-shifting insects and competent political figures, is it really so unlikely that a castle, which has magically grown out of crystals formed from the piece and harmony of the realm I may add, posesses enough sentience to detect threats to its life, and then send other beings to deal with this threat?

Anyway, if the castle were a crystalized plant, this would mean that it came to be when a plant turned into a crystal, which is not the case. You see, the castle is a crystal, created by the Tree of Harmony, which got strengthened by the Elements of Harmony being returned to it after they themselves were strengthened by the Mane 6. The Tree then created the seed/box/whatever you want to call it, and when the Mane 6 used their keys, representations of their understanding of the Elements of Harmony, the box got the strength to grow into the castle.

Ok, this turned out a bit longer than intended. Anyway, thanks for reading. :)
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Derracias-35Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Spike is going to be fat. 
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Spike stop eating twilight's castle!
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FlimflanboyHobbyist General Artist
He could literally have breakfast in bed.
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CatsMusicGamingArtHobbyist General Artist
his bed IS breakfast...

no, wait. he still sleeps in a pet bed...
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RickyDuttonHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm surprised Spike hasn't done this in the show yet. XD
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Eshlielloll11Student Photographer
lol The Spike is starting to eat castle Eating 
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There should have add more comedy to the My little pony show Friendship is magic.
That would have made the show more interesting.
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
At most, this show goes five minutes without a joke. And that's only on the serious episodes.
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Why is there so many serious episodes?
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
Because it's a show that isn't afraid to tackle serious subjects?
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Your work is more entertaining the show itself.
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MarurabaHobbyist Writer
You kids there! You get the buck off my lawn!
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AndyofIndianaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Were you inspired to make this comic by the opening of this video? www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KBGUR…
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Since this comic was posted almost a year before that video, no.

CSImadmax (who is currently missing) was a class act, she actually inspired a bunch of stuff and artists from all over the fandom.
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Too bad there's no emerald..
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