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sugar butt

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so we rebooted the whole tumblr thing here -----> [link] <------- now with more insane and copyright infringement stuff!.
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Hello  there  someone have been stolen your art  animealy345.deviantart.com/art…
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Headcanon. Thats where Guilda went for sensitivity training and itll work awsomely.
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Vanellope on a griffin, if there's an argument it is now invalid.
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Self explanatory.
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The griffon looks...alarmed.
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Yes, very much....wonder why?! :iconcrazysmileplz:
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If only fallout was an arcade game...well actually the last time I went to an aracade there was 12 PS3s set up playing LAN cod matches, fallout becoming a arcade game could be a possible reality. similar to pizza vending machines -> [link]
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Hail Paharita, Queen of the Wasteland!
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What is Vanellope Von Schweetz doing on Gilda who seems to be dressed like Jake Lonergan from Cowboys vs. Aliens?
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Hop into your racing car and shout SUGAR BUTT! SUGAR BUTT!
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I just saw that movie Monday night. Good timing.
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Why is Vanellope Von Schweetz doing on a griffin?
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I normally am not so fond of cross-over, but this... this is so awesome!
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Gilda.. wut..?
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Nope. Paharita. Rita is not Gilda.
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I don't know whats going on here... but whatever I just ate/drank/or inhaled... I want more of it.
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This looks like something out of my fanfic.
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Rita loves to be ridden ifyouknowwhatimean.jpg

awesome drawing by the way
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Vanellope is best poni
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