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strong heart

By CSImadmax
unrelated comic note:
who else is wasting all your hard-earned money on the steam holiday sale? I sure do.
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I hope that SHS is contagious.
The Doctor IS a medical doctor. Graduated at Glasgow, 1988.
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Sexy Horse Syndrome

Side effects include: Being admire by everypony, every photo of yours will look beautiful, struting your stuff when you walk and stalked everyday by anypony or ponies who want you inside them. If you or anypony you know is suffering these conditions, please consult your nearest playpony to see if you are diagnosed with SHS. 
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Why do i find the doctor having S.H.S. Moreso than Clem
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So is it bad that I could hear David Tennant saying those lines? Stupid imagination.
AJ: Un, shurly, ya r'memb'r Ma un Pa? No, wait, yer wer juz a newborn foal then....
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:iconapplejackfcknoplz::iconsaysplz: Actually you weren't born until after they were dead.
:iconlikelystoryplz::iconsaysplz: Wait...AFTER?  But if Ah'm your sister by blood, how does that work?
:iconapplejackwhyplz::iconsaysplz: Let's just say Princess Celestia was going through a necromancy kick and leave it at that...
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That last panel... :omg: :omg: :omg:
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Neigh means neigh!
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zxrrgtetgttgtrtbgbbgbbbv  fvffvfvfvfxvfhyuikyey3uyhheheeygfwrybc 87899hdhdedhedrfj 
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Sorry. My little sis was on my DA  account. Great comic!
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Wait... The Doctor works at the hospital? I guess that's why they call him "The Doctor". Also, does any of the staff know that he's been sexually harassing the male patients?
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No, if you look up "DOCTOR WHO" you will notice there's a similarity, and the ponies are based on the doctors and there are multiple looks for the Doctor.
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Actually, he isn't that type of doctor. And I didn't know he was *** :/
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I know he isn't that type of doctor. I was just playing on the fact that in this comic, he is featured as a medical doctor.
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All of those thousands of years.....all of those female companions...and the Doctor never once banged one of them.

Now we know why.
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Jack Harkness, River Song, Rose Tyler, Romana II, Berenice Summerfield, Cameca, etc...

he has had many love interests, plus if he has a granddaughter he propably also had kids, even though some people say that Susan is actually a Time Lady named Arkytior (Rose in high gallifreyan) but called "The Lady Larn" as her renegade name, and is not related to the Doctor and just regenerated to look teenaged. Plus she was only in the first season, and got quickly replaced by Vicki Pallister.
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