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secret #2-3 ?

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note: she was saved in the last second by a handsome masked man in a tuxedo.
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I love the Slow motion Text
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Is it wrong that I think of slenderman when I think of the description you gave us?
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Why must Derpy be blamed for everything?

Oh, and I hope Twilight is alright.
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She wasn't. Luna was.
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Saved by the guy from Sailor moon?
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Eh, what handsome masked man in a tuxedo? Tuxedo Max or Flash Sentry in disguise?
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BOTH *gasp* *annoying guy in the back* I always knew it
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Lol, don't blame you folks! XD
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Bye Bye Twilight.
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Twilight.. NOOO!!!!!!
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doctor who reference or sailor moon ? ether way, jolly good show !
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Hahaha, yeah... a masked man XD.
I thought the only being in the world who'd confuse something simple with weapons of mass destruction was Strax on Doctor Who XD.
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Twilight O_O!!!?
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Ouch the firs t part but the second DAMN that had to hurtLlama Emoji 30 (Lovely Blinking) [V2] Llama Emoji 08 (Crying) [V1]
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OMG, almost like Another!
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OMG Another
That's exactly what I was thinking. O_O
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Yeah, saw the deaths. What a mess...
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Umbrellas are scary. O^O
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They can also be sad, specially for a squid girl:
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oh, twilight, be careful with the knives and.... OUCH GOD THAT BROKEN BONE MUST HURT   O____O
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