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resident ponyville DISCORD

By CSImadmax
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late cutie pox related comic, but it's a big one.

also obvious resident evil reference but if you don't get it because you actually never watched the movie (or watched it 3 years later like me) will need this [link]

and try to read the comic in Milla Jovovich voice, just for fun. ;) maybe...
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Will there be anymore parts to this?
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Heya CSImadmax, I hope that you don't mind but I've dubbed your comic.

Here's the link to the video. 

LINK: www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9gbXh…

I hope that you like it. It was pretty fun dubbing this one. :)
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Resident Eviiiiil?
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And Rainbow Dash is going to be Jill!!!!!!!!!
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hey fella do it the history
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Don't you mean Re-Discord.
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i love resident evil especially the movies :)
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when you will to continue this?
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sooooo, where's the rest?
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this should be a comic series its soo cool!!!!!
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interesting story line... i wanna write this!
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why do i want this game
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they want more cutie marks. make it sound like from a different universe mythology of Transformers Dark Energon.
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She looks more like Akemi Homura in the first panel than any Resident Evil character i've seen. But then again maybe that parallel makes sense. Wasn't there a Witch called Octavia?
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i did read it in her voice, and pleas make more like this
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Ok dude where's the rest of it? you can't just give us the intro and then leave us hanging!
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Actual comic like that would be flippin' awesome.
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Just... awesome... I love the RE movies (even though some tend to pick on them) and seeing this totally made me fanboy over them. Octavia would make a perfect Alice! Project Discord huh... So Big Mac's gonna mutate into Discord ? O_O'

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