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prison breakdance

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hey you know what I liked about that discord episode? that they are reusing characters, so there must be a little possibility we can see gilda again (good for me I guess)
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Fluttershy can reform them all! Great Idea Celestia
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Lightning-Mover256Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, so Celestia sends an insanely powerful demon-fighter and a mentally unstable criminal to Fluttershy? That's a horrible idea! :o

And Katamari is about to use a nuclear bomb as a toy... O_O
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NegibyteHobbyist Digital Artist
wait what the fu- THAT'S A NUKE
Bojo72rocco's avatar
Ehm, maybe I'm not an expert at Katamaris, but I know that bomb+bunch of crap=BIG BOOM
ShaneLovesBambi42's avatar
Well, it’s probably better than Option B, which is to implant explosive devices in their necks, and force them to fight evil beings.
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ZerotheWritingBearStudent Writer
thats a flipping nuke, woman, what the heck are ya thinking, Your Majesty???
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jirakadarbuHobbyist General Artist
lil guy playing with a mini nuke bomb.
Be careful there.
ZombieFX's avatar
What possible could go wrong? *grabs his luggage and runs*
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his face will just grow back.....
Redlight47's avatar
Joker doesn't have a healing factor...
Bojo72rocco's avatar
Yeah, maybe, but that wouldn't stop him even a bit
Redlight47's avatar
Considering what he did to his own face, I agree.
ShineyLuna's avatar
oh Really? I thought he did...thanks for telling me.
Redlight47's avatar
Harley quinn does
ShineyLuna's avatar
Really ? wen did that happen?
Redlight47's avatar
Ivy gave her some junk that made her heal fast and immune to poison and toxin like her.
ShineyLuna's avatar
huh I didn't know that.
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DWestmooreHobbyist General Artist
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JulietteOnlineHobbyist Artist
Hair hand Celestia XD
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ArtLaurasHobbyist General Artist
LOL "oh yes, I will". She's so gullable sometimes...
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KatrueYumeNikkiHobbyist General Artist
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Poor Fluttershy. Celestia is more insane than the Joker?
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SweetiePaulStudent Filmographer
Oh No... This will be troublesome...
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