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pokemans pink

yay! I found my old pokemon silver cartridge! it was hidden inside my collection of really old magazines.
now I only need a game boy! fuck yeah!!!
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Gummy use 5 seconds of genocide
Pinkie no!
great comic!!
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Run Mr. Mousie!!
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Sadly, Pokemon Silve, Gold, and Crystal's internal battery die ot and get rid of the save data after at least 5-10 years, so you'll need to replace the battery. So if you have shinies on there, put them into PokemonRe, Blue, Green, or Yellow to save them, then get a ne battery in your Silver and put your pokemon back via. the time capsule. 

or pokemon bank but whatever man your game
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Me: Spike! Use Flamethrower on Rarity!
Spike: EG Spike (Love) Plz
Me: Oh no! She used attract! Time for my secret weapon! Fluttershy?
Fluttershy (talking,laughing) plz: Yes?
Me: Use your Z-move!
Fluttershy cheer - yay: fus ro yay! legend of dragoon  gif
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It's quite interesting fact! Pokemon is actually about kids making animals fighting and hurting other animals, just for sport. They just make that anime stile and we never remember the dogs and rooter fights which are the same thing. 

Not suggesting Pokemon should end, or its wrong!!  I'm quite a fan of it, actually. But I suppose someone could do equally great anime Worlds using extermination camps, or ethnic slavery, cannibalism, incest, anything, same way Pokemon uses animal fight. AND (more important) no spectator would be less against this things just for like the colorful fictional version of it.     

If that's true, it's a curious fact about how fiction and reality related, and Japaneses seems to understand that curious fact allot better than unidestaters (not to mention my colonized compatriots) ever will.            
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Please Pokemon lords make this a legit move!
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this is gonna hurt
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dammit pinkie thats bone rush not hyper beam
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i wish i could thumb up your comment
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you mean this Facebook Thumbs Up Icon 
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How do I do that
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if you look at the bottom of your comment you will see "add media" go on it and select emotions then search for thumbs up, that's how i can put things like this
 Vinyl Scratch The DJ PON-3 
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I'm pretty sure that's giga impact.
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yeah, or that. but definitively isn't a beam.
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