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mystery twins

this was supposed to be a 318 episodes cartoon, but it was canceled after the pilot aired. most of the episode was just a 48 minutes of Soarin's monologue, curses and F words.
best cartoon ever!
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Hilarious and adorable!

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This reminds me of the vintage Batman series.
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Sherlock's got nothing on them!
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Celestia: Curse you meddling kids!!!!!!!!! 😠
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best referance EVER
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That's funny, I could have sworn there was a report or flag button on Deviantart...
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Why the hell should we use that shit? Troll 
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Watch with what you say. It's not befitting to say such language.
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I can say what the fuck I want!Troll 
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I don't understand what you're saying
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And thus, the freedom of speech was born.
awww Pound and Pumpkin are so cute
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aw, little pound cake is all tuckered out
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Ok for the gravity falls reference…. congrats you are now my favorite comic artist! Yay!
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