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hakuna matata

we are watching "the ghost and the darkness" tonight at 9:00 pm Eastern on my friend's livestream channel. join us and watch some guys being eaten by lions and maybe superman.

UPDATE: movie is over and was filled with lions, a lot of them. some people died but we will remember them as the guys who died eaten by lions....
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Zecora >My natural predators have died , now i can safely sleep at night without being terrified .

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:excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :excited: :iconicameplz: :iconiepiccameplz:

LOOOOVE this!!! :iconlove:
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Oooo!!!! Simba's gonna be so pissed!!!!😮
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Ehh, those lions were dicks anyway.  ^^;
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Now they need to deal with the hyenas.
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*looks at title of comic*what wonderful thing
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What are they doing to Tom? :icontomtherockplz:
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be prepared,beeyetch
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Ouch....Talk about payback big time.
"Lookout! Here comes Tom!!"
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Ah. My wife's favorite movie. I knew I'd married the right girl when she told me that.
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Oh nice one Zecora, now no one will stop the Woodland Critters from bringing the Antichrist into the world.
Elements of Harmony. Nuff said.
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Oh please.  Once Twilight becomes the vessel for the Antichrist the Elements will be more useless than the Cake's efforts to delay Pinkie's inevitable killing sprees.
fluttershy will kill you tom
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Tom! Don't do it!
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lol lol lol lol
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oohh,flutters ain't gunna like that!
:iconfluttershedplz::iconsaysplz:Ain't gunna like what?
nothing!*cleans the blood on the rock*
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zecora, run for your zebra life! flutterbitch has return!
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:iconflutterbitchplz::iconsaysplz:Yeah you better run!
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paybacks a bitch aint it?
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