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fallout ministry mares

By CSImadmax
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a commission thing for :iconkimba77:
also yay! I can use Photoshop again! goddam serial keys :(....
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Hey you mind if I use Pinkie Pie from this in my game?

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This picture is amazing, this is one of my favorite artwork from Fallout Equestria. I believe that this took place soon after the Ministries were founded due to the younger appearances of the Mane Six, I really like how each Ministry fits each of the Mane Six perfectly.

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This is awesome.
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I wanna fart on them
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Okay I don't know much about fallout and haven't read all of FOE yet but.. goddamn these are incredible designs I'm in love with those outfits 
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Se ven bien, Rainbow algo emo, pero genial.
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Just thought I should point out that this has been stolen and re-uploaded to another account here:…
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Was kimbas account deactivated?
Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Morale, Ministry of Image, Ministry of Arcane Science, Ministry of Awesome, and Ministry of Wartime Technology.
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I remember I saw this picture before but I have no idea why I didn't decide to favorite it then. This picture is truly amazing.
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I'm extremely interested in using these as leader portraits in mods for strategy video games, like Civilization 5 and GalCiv 3. Would it be possible to get upscaled/vector versions of these, potentially with each pony isolated from the others? Thanks!
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Nicely done. You managed to make them look older while changing very little. But this picture seems familiar somehow. Was it based off something else?
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Truly fascinating Mystology behind the series.
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Applejack looks like an absolute boss.
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This gives me a fanfic idea. Permission to use this as cover!
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They all are beautiful and,although I love Fluttershy with my heart and soul,I couldn't decide which one looks awesomer: Applejack or Rarity
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Nice!!! Love all those outfits designs!!! :D :D :D
Admiral or Captain Rainbow Dash looks awesome, Real bad ass look on her face.
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I've only ever played Fallout 3, but RD and AJ fit in most with the Fallout canon, and the rest look like they'd live in Tenpenny Tower.
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you mean Tenpony tower :)
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