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Whelp, can't say I didn't see THAT coming!
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You're about to enter, the Scary Door
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This is a work of art, a thing a beauty.
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You make a good point. Humans are inherently evil.
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You're sure you are not talking about yourself? Because i'm sure i'm not...
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(Welp, this comment turned out longer than I expected...)

Depends on your view point of the world. I probably should have said "Some humans are inherently evil" or "humans have evil thrust upon them and some choose to take it". Or something else entirely.

Evil is defined by actions YOU, as a person, don't agree with. For instance; supporters of ISIS won't see what they are doing as "Evil" because they think they are the good guys and their enemies are fighting for all the wrong reasons. 
For me, humans are evil. We may do lots good but we also do a lot bad. Look at Barcelona recently, or North Korea. But at the same time the only reason I see those sides of humans is because that's the only part I see due to media. If you or anyone misses all this bad then they could easily percieve humanity as good since there is no thing called "Bad guys" and "good guys" in this world, only the victors and losers.

Look, if you want a arguement backing up my original statement look no further than back in history; Gladiators for example (first example that came to mind. I can't be bothered to search for more). The reason so many existed was because romans ENJOYED watching others die. You can make the arguement that humans kill each other as much as animals kill their own species, but the differences is that Humans understand Morals.
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Yes, but that didn't stop spartacus of rebel against the romans. It means that always will be people who see the things like they are really
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Maybe, but a counter to that is easy to come by; We never found out Spartacus' intentions. No historical source ever stated he wanted to end slavery in the Roman Republic. 

Now, I'm not saying that he didn't have good intentions, heck if he did he'd easily go on my list of best humans who ever humaned (despite killing thousands of Romans), but since we don't know what his end goal was we can assume that it may have been a cover of the truth; perhaps he wanted to take Rome for himself. It's unlikely he ever would be able to, romans would revolt his revolt but we can never know the truth.

But you make a good point; there are pleanty of modern humans that have proven themselves Selfless (urg, I don't like humans humans. It's like talking in third person). We can be both Selfless and Selfish, but the Selfish part of us never seems to cause major incidents. Selflessness is the best human trait majority of us have.
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"You're entering a realm which is unusual. Maybe it's magic, or contains some kind of monster... The second one. Prepare to enter the Scary Door."
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Oh, COME ON!!!!!!
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You gotta love a good old Futurama reference.
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Which one laid the egg/spun the coccoon/buttered the peanut? I have to ask, considering one of the parents is Discord.....
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*Already writing the fic.*
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What Discord says is logical
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In my opinion he's right. We polute we damage and hurt animals, not to mention the rapes, the murder and drug abuse. And the list pretty much goes on.
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The Scary Door! YAY!
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Great excuse to have "fun"... :XD:
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This makes too much sense.
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The greatest evil of all...Human OCs in EQUESTRIA! Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 
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