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discord is ok

some people told me that they can't find many of my old works here on my DA, so I'm starting old stuff dump:

note: discooooooooord
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If Discord approves, then I approve.
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Discord Approves
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Is it ok if i use this in a piece but give permission??
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I'mmmmmm a lumberjack and I'm okay. 

I work real hard.

And I sleep all day.

XD X3 :D :)
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Discord approves it! Wait......
Discord would only approve chaos!
God save us all.......
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Would you mind if I use this pic as my profile picture?
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"I'm Discord and I approve this message! Vote for me and Cthulhu in 2016! ANARCHY IN THE USA! 2016!"
"Say hello to Starswirl the bearded."

oh anon, are you lying?
Or are you about to get sued by DHX?
*not madmax, but the 4chan anon who's been posting a certain something.
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maybe ill make a plz account out of this
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This artist is 100% Discord Approved!!
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....We miss you.
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Discord says "Good job!":D
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What if i say you're wrong?
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like if discord was real would he really say good job?
or would he just insult it?
how do you know what he is thinking :iconrocketpunchplz:
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Pshh.. I dunno. Just what it looked like to me.:(
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Always need some motivation! giggle
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Discord... 2011-2011
R.I.P =(
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This should be the standard stamp of approval for all absurdist comedy.
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