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best night ever?

playing a lot of dragon age 2 and actually enjoying it. suddenly all that possible flirting dialogues everywhere. it turns that they never end as you expect...well I can always go back and do some more grinding in the sewers like a rat.
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Soarin's just disappointed that there's no pie. XD

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N64 will never die!
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such a disappointed
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panel 3: *horse noices*
panel 4: *hello dargness my old friend, i have come to meet you again*
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So. Freaking. True.
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My kind of fun hahaha
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He mave more fun with a girl than every artist in Deviantart
If she invited me to play videogames all night ill be down lol
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Dash here is basically me in a nutshell.
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Blue Cartridge. . . is that Goldeneye, why is Soarin so upset?
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Maybe Rainbow is playing Oddjob. Heard he was tough to kill.
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They are not in love This is a comic fan. It is not an official comic.
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yah lol. that is funny
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One day he'll be able to taste the rainbow.
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IN DREAM!!!!!!    XD
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is he angry because he dint some booty or because he keeps loosing or both?
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Nice work.
I love your ID btw.
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Lol, Soarin! 3rd panel, the thirst is REAL. XD Too funny :D
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Yep. Fanart usually isn't. 
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Alrighty... sooo, you have fun with all of that, 'kay? :D
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