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batmare begins

pinkie pie twin sister (I'm gonna call her Pinkie Keen) is the secret identity of batmare.
don't tell anybody...

----jokes from DC children s book
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I can actually see this happening in the show !
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great a fourth bat member (did not count nightwing because he's just robin but older)
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12 paginas que nunca serán olvidadas en poniville LEL
Nobody's even mentioning the main story of the newspaper: Celestia's scandalous photos XXX! XD
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I like the photo they/you used in the newspaper. Pinkie's like, "Who, widdle ol' me?"
I got a copy of that book somewhere. I remember as a child Lex Luthor scared the living bejeezus out of me. And of course, asshole took all them pies. FOUR TENS OF THEM!
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This headline is great XD
I love how you did Pinkie Pie inthe news paper picture, she has that. "Who me?" Expression when accused of stelaing the pies. She looks so innocent she has to be guilty look. LOL
Oh for f***s sake XDDDDDDD

Can't wait to see those two finally butt heads in an epic battle for justice...and CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!
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you mean :iconseriouspinkieplz:
it's seriouspinkie, not seriouspinkiepie :)
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look at this one :) :iconeeyupplz:
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that's what comes when you type : iconlponyplz : without the spaces!
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That's as much as four tens!
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Because everypony know, cakes can't avenge themselves. Unless they're poison cake.
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