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arise chicken arise

pinkie pie in chicken costume is the best thing ever!
:iconscootalooplz: and scootaloo approves.
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Scootaloo don't talk chicken and she not a chicken, she a pony Pegasus, and she only surprise to see Pinkie dress as a chicken and act like one, now she get it when Rainbow Dash a tell Pinkie is really random and make you think she crazy by it, as first , she not believe it, but now she do, but random talking chicken talk to her, Scootaloo say to her self, Ok, now i see everything to night or what i eat to see a talking chicken or Diamond tiara and Silver spoon a ask a use unicorn to prank her with illusion of a talking chicken, in other words, she don't know what is going on!

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Scootaloo: why you talk to me? and dont call me dodo or a chicken or i will put my back houve in your face! i am i pegasus pony! and were you can talk?
ChicKen: well i never see you fly! and i am the Chicken leader of chickens form pony ville and my name i Ken! and is a magic stone a boom on my face and i can now! Fluttershy ask me to good care all Chicken! and stop preten be a pony! you are Chicken and ..!?
Scootaloo take Ken to flutter shy home. she remove her costume for not scare fluttershy
Fluttershy: yes? Scootaloo? i hope you not wear a scary costume?
Scootaloo: i remove it for now for not scare you! but i got a Big Chicken Problem! who call him self Ken!
Fluttershy: Ken? why?
Scootaloo: he think i am a chicken and not a pony! so take him befor i HURT HIM BADLY!
Fluttershy:Oh my! past him to window!
Scootaloo trought to the window and angel close it.
Fluttershy: i am sorry for this! he call all filly who can't fly chicken! i work hard on him to fix this probem! twilight say is the magic stone who explost to his face who make think this way and will stop call like this were he see fly by your self! oh and he smart to see magic aura so ask a other pony fly will not work!
Scootaloo: great! so i need to fly for real for he stop or twilight heal him?
Fluttershy: yes! oh here take this candy for you and applebloom and sweetie belle! i will got more for other kid but i be too scare and get them the later minute! oh and what your costome? but dont show it ok?
Scootaloo: is a wolf! i better put on!
sweetie belle: let me help!
Applebloom: thanks for the candy fluttershy! and bye!
Sweetie belle: bye!
Scootaloo:bye! ok girls thos candy will not be tale by their self! oh dont talk of thi chicken!
both: ok!
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Well, actually bok means sh*@ in turkish sooooo pinkie is saying sh*@ sh*@ sh*@! :V
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Wait... Are her wings erect?
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:iconpewdsplz: :iconsay3plz: I DO NOT TRUST CHICKENS
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Mega Ultra Chicken!?

He is legend!
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Pinkie's costume is racist to chickens! X)
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So, the chicken says exactly what Scootaloo thinks on the second panel and then she's getting feel really weird, because this chicken is accompanying with her?
Perfect joke! :D
And I love Scoot's facial expressions, especially in panel 2! :D
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the face of Scootaloo say why *you talk to me like you know me?* Scoot hate be call chicken or Dodo! and the joke is not funny! well a chicken be angry by see Pinkie dress as a Chicken and act like one is funny but scoot be see as one is not funny! is make fun of her feeling and hurt the feeling other don't make me laugh!

CMC--Scootaloo's avatar

It isn't funny to call Scootaloo a chicken. I can't believe that I wrote this comment almost eight years ago..... That I found this funny..... I guess there was a time when I was stupid. I guess I just didn't understand yet that it's insensitive to call Scootaloo a chicken when I wrote this comment. Even though I remember it like this that I never liked chicken jokes about Scootaloo..... Seeing this comment again is a weird trip into the past.

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you are not stupid, you are only make a wrong choice!

CMC--Scootaloo's avatar

*Made a wrong choice. Not make. That was almost eight years ago. You should not judge someone by their past.

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I not judge you, only say you learn from your past mistake, those who refuse to learn from their past mistake, I hate to say it but are the real idiot and is worse when he or she believe to have make NO mistake and is far worse when he or she believe to be perfect and never make mistake!(I hate those type of people) But those learn form every mistake of them self or from other mistake are really smarter(sorry for those who refuse to learn it even many will not be sorry for them)

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Scootaloo is a chicken, and a wolf. Well, now she's gonna get her revenge. She'll howl all night and crow all day.
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We R sofa king we Todd Ed.
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Pinkie stole Scoot's Identity. :I
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Well, Now two chickens agree to NO CHICKEN MOCKING XD
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Scootaloo spirit guide.
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Never thought I'd see an Aqua Teen reference for MLP! Absolutely brilliant!
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