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april foals 2012

and a happy April foals day to everypony!
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I really want to know who saved them. XD

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Wow... that backfired big time in so many ways for those two...
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how long will that shit take to go through their systems?  they are basicly immortal right?
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That's what I was thinking xD
ShyXenonDragona's avatar
XD what the fuck?! how are they going to get the antidote? Lol
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meh they're immortal right? They'll wake up in a while I guess.
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XD What the heck?!
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Nice job, geniuses: now you get to sit there and suffer while your immortal bodies slowly rid themselves of the poison.

And you will have deserved every marker mustache that somepony draws on you.
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"Do they seriously do this every April fools day?"
"Yeah, you'd think it'd get old."
"Should I be worried?"
"Nah, give them a week, the poison'll clear out of their system in no time. You forget that they can't be killed."
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Welp there went the leadership... 
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They are so dumb that I like :D
But luna didnt drink it!!and faked it.HA.luna wins and i thought they both r imortal?
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No offense, but if they were immortal they probably wouldn't have to worry about sending the elements of harmony and the rainbow power to do things. They're probably losing their power so that's why they send Twilight and the girls. At least that's how I always saw it, anyway.
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:iconescalatedquicklyplz: need I say more?
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And Discord took over and day and night started to switch randomly, Mane 6 became opposites of themself and Equestria ended in enternal chaos. The End! :D Isn't that sweet ending? :XD:
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kinda looks like me after a 4 day anime marathon. I don't take breaks. I pee in bottles and have a crate of food and drinks within arms reach.
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:icontwilightsparkleplz::iconsaysplz: Okay, now I know why we needed new alicorns...I'd better see how to upgrade my friends, maybe a few others...
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And everyone in the universe died.
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