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april foal

well, since sethisto already uploaded this on Equestriadaily I'm doing the same here :P

contribution for april foal day
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She did her dirty I'm weak😂😂😂
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And that was how Nightmare Moon was born.
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I am fan Luna!!! This art made me sad :'(
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I could see them doing this sort of thing to each other. Joking aside, I am a fan of both princesses.
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Damn that's cruel. Funny, but cruel.
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 No wonder she turned into Nightmare Moon.
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That's....that's actually really sad. She had no attention, no friends, and Celestia had to go and pull som thing like that
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It was just an April Foals joke, though yes a bit too mean perhaps.

However, Luna had a much better time of it when she did her free-hugs giveaway. (Celestia did get a bit envious, but… ;) )
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Imitation of Luna-trolling is the sincerest form of flattery. :)


Trollestia apparently has an acolyte now, Trolluan. :)
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i dont even like mlp and I like this
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Celestia is a monster
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So that's where that meme comes from. Poor Luna.
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That's where that face came from XD
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Jezi:"That's rude..."
*spashes water on Celestia*
Celestia:"What in the mane??"
Jezi:"FOR LUNA!!"*flies away*
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Yesterday, a non brony friend asked me where this Trollestia thing came from. I showed him this.

He is now a brony.
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Good one, Celestia, good one.
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