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something weird thing I did for my friend pacce :icondizzypacce: fanfic stuff thing called anywhere but here: odds and ends. if you want to give it a read you can find it here [warning! sh't is pretty gory and stuff yo!] [link] and the tumblr thing here [link]
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Phht, Gawd is pink... XD
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Fallout Equestria! ^_^
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Gawd and Ghoul Derpy? Yes please. :D
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I don't understand the fascination of the Fallout Equestria universe. I was drawn to MLP:FiM because it was so happy, upbeat, and oh so very different then our own self destructive world. To me ponies and nuclear devastation just don't mix into anything desirable.
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To me its because the happy and upbeat humor is still there, and it mixes well with the ironic humor of the fallout franchise. It just teetors on the opposite end of the spectrom as well by having quite a bit of violence and saddness as well. More so on some of the side fics.
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I also love MLP: FiM because of this.
And I never read Fallout Equestria yet.
But I think the mane reason why bronies love it, is simply because of the fact, that it's interesting to see how the ponies would act in such an extreme situation.
They are used to a happy world full of joy.
Of course there are dangers, like the Everfree Forest and the gates of Tartaros (are they called like this in english?) with all those creatures behind it, and there were attacks of evil villains, that brought darkness and chaos over Equestria.
Not to mention many ponies almost got killed because of evil love-sucking creatures and their queen.
But luckily, they managed to defeat these villains and the dangerous places seem to be under control of some reason (until now).
So they could live a peaceful life most of the time.
And because of this, it's very interesting to see how they would react in a devastated, strange and almost completely destroyed Equestria, with dangers on every corner and just a few safe places.
I think this is why bronies love it.

And who knows what the future brings?
They were able to overcome the dangers quick until now, but maybe they will have not that luck always.
The writers have already wrote many unexpected plots, so, who knows what they have in store for us?
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And then due to my love of the Slenderman lore (before the game) I wondered if somebody made a "slendermane" fanfic... THEY DID AND DEAR GOD IT'S TERRIFYING! :iconscaredplz:
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Poor Derpy? She's one of the luckiest ghouls around. Have you even read fallout:equestria?
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True but still being stuck in a state like that isn't very good
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XD Rita docent like Ghouls.
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Derpy!!!!!!!! :tears:

Why it always hit's the best? :tears:
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But Derpy can't scream!
At least, in the Fo:E universe.
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She still can shout, it just sounds fun, it just sounds weird. Tongues are not needed for just making a loud sound.
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See kids this is where incest leads, know the facts before you stick your *censored* into anyone's *censored*
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As I read this just a moment ago, I had to imagine how it would sound when Cheerilee would say this.
I have weirds thoughts this evening. o.O
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Wow I just read that in cheerilee's voice and it worked!
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Look at them that's inbreeding if I've ever seen it
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Looks like Derpy as she is in FO:E to me...
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again inbreeding
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