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adventures in pony dimension

just something silly about super best friends forever!. you know, that new cartoon made by Lauren Faust "the Lauren Faust" this Lauren Faust ( look how she dances! ) :iconfyre-flye: weeeeeee!

also link for the cartoon short! [link]
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Batgirl: Oh my god! It's a pony. A real fluffy, spuffy, wuffy pony. They are so sweet!

Pinkie Pie: (points to Batgirl) This one sounds just like you, Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: Don't be ridiculous, Pinkie.
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Why couldn't this be a series instead of teen Titans go?
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It actually kinda did become a series recently. Look up DC Superhero Girls, that's a Lauren Faust series.
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WOnder how these three would fair in the Universe Survival Torunament
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Oh, Barbra... what have they done to you....?

and Kara too, I never really cared about Donna though 
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i wish that cartoon network let the show be on air
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basically dc supergirls meets my little pony
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Tweeted this to her. :)
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i wish that show was in cartoon network
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im going to kill that werid brown eye bitch if she dares try to eat applejack. and i dont care if you like the bitch im going to fucking kill her.
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Apples and Apple Accessories? What the heck does a Apple Accessory smell like? ...I can already hear jokes about the Apple Store. Actually now that I think about it DOES Supergirl have a secret identity, I mean she runs around as Clark's "cousin" but honestly is that enough? 
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:iconhankhillplz: Do ya sell propane and propane accessories, filleh?
:iconajliarplz: Oh, lots o' 'em
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Nice. Donna's a riot here.
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Sheesh, Supergirl. Quit hogging all the attention.
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"I can't let you do that A-G-A-I-N!"
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my impresion or supergirl is kinda chubby compared to the other ones?
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it's all T and A
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oh,i see what you did there!
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