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Tart For Two In Tartarus

By CSImadmax
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so yes, I've been away for a while because technical problems and stuff but now I'm back.
now in  a semi-related note, let's say, if your hard disk start clicking and making sounds like crazy, does that mean I should be looking for a new one? my HD is like 7 years old btw.
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I would banish him to a worse place and punish him with far worse.

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and on the bees are spiders and on the spiders are snakes and the snakes are on fire and on the fire snakes is a basilisk and on the basilisk are more sharks!
 Joon: Bitch Please Im Fabulous XD 
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Since when did Luna have a JD?
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Methinks the show staff saw this one lol. Season 8 finale, you have Pinkie subjecting Tirek to basically the first panel. (Spoiler: he cracks. Quickly).
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Me too! When I saw this in Season 8 finale I instantly remembered this comic!
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Rainbow Dash (idea evil) plz:spider:  Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider :spider: :omgaspider: 
How about a legion of SPIDERS?!! They're quite small and fit through the most overhead apartments!
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The sharks will also have frick'n laser beams.
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On their Frick'n heads?
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Of course, that goes without saying.
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Perfect. Unless he gives million dollars!
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so he's an emotional pain wuss?
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PIE IS AWESOME I LIKE PIE ok now since youve read this very spammy messaage you nkwo that
i love pie
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What, no lasers?  THERE IS A LASER GAP!
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Pinkie looks concerned, which means Tirek should be terrified!

Luna's form of torture could either be really painful, or her methods prove to kill all the things meant to do the torturing.
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What if Tirek escapes again?
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Huh, what do you mean?
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Okay I'm asking again, what would they do if he escapes Tartarus again?
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hard disk clicking? definately my compaq failed after 10 years and before it's last year it startded making those sounds then when it actually failed the computer screen said no bootable media meaning my stuff was done for and no recovery or anything and that data lost :( and btw love the pic XD
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To be honest he did get it easy, back in G1 they KILLED him!

Kinda disappointed they didn't in this one though, Tirek is the kind of villain who deserves an epic villain death.
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