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THE TOWN: part6

By CSImadmax
I love kiki (she and goldie are my favorite neighbors) but she's creepy as hell when she sneaks behind me to sell me crappy shirts and furniture. she's also one of my older citizens and the only one who hasn't given me her photo, :( why? I don't know... dammit cat! gimme your photo already! I even have pietro, PIETRO! easily the worst character ever!
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I love how Sonic has now become the towns whipping boy they force to do all the work. XDDDD Poor kid...

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I don't remember Sonic being this angry...
Panel 2: You don't know that yet. Fluttershy hasn't walked inside. Your height proportions mig - - HEY! - - Cat? Inappropriate! Tap her on the shoulder!
Panel 4: Ok, Introduce yourself first, Kiki!
Panel 5: Um, Kiki? If you give Fluttershy ... that ... you won't like her when she gets angry!
Flutterrage by jak23ft : You give me a d-d-ead bird? Fluttershy, Spike Emote - Noooooooo!!!  and Maroon 5: :music: WHYYYYY? :music:
this is "Jak23ft"s; not mine. they get the credit.
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who else noticed that the one working on the house is sonic!
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Kiki is my favorite!
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Pietro is a freaking rainbow sheep! RAINBOW SHEEP! why are you complaining?!
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Kiki fluttershy is going to freak out!!!
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AWWWWWW KIKI Soooo Cute..Onion 
themasterman64's avatar
Mitzi is more cute!
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to say kiki is cute
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LOL! Just like a real life cat, Kiki gives Fluttershy a dead bird.
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Sonic again?! This is really making my day! XD
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YAY sonic is in the comic!! =D
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HEY do not make fun of pietro, he rules and aku say's so!!!!!
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sonic now has 2 jobs!    (PAY DAY x2 FOR THE WIN!)
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Sonic learned how to build houses and make clothing. I hope he learns how to cook.
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So, this based off a game or something?
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Animal Crossing...
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JAJAJAJAJA soniiic , I have that game too and I love it
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