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THE TOWN: part 4

By CSImadmax
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uh, I don't know why but tomorrow is the bug-off day in my town...again?...I think the whole time traveling stuff is finally affecting my perfect town (also turnips can't time travel! damn!) and one of my villagers suddenly dissapeared!? (presumaby dead?) I can't even remember his name but you will be missed little burger head mouse with bad attitude, hmmmm well, now that I think about it, good riddance, maybe now I can put a new bridge over his old place.

QR code can only be read using a 3DS with a copy of animal crossing on it :y
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Sonic? You work here!?

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Well it's now cannon able sisters are Sonics cousins.

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hahah sonic's
here thats cool
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Funny thing is, it fits.  I could totally see Sonic being a seamstress for a normal job.
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" 'a cute little place. I'm surprised they don't call this a boutique. Rarity would love it in this building!' "

I know this is (at its heart) a Nintendo DS game and it has split second item creation; but you should have expected Fluttershy to stick around for the sweater, Mrs. Able. Flutters needed it right then!

Rarity needs to tutor this (if that actually is) Sonic twin not to sew while angry!
Rarity icon It's the quickest way for the machine to stab you with the needles. You're also treating the scarf elements with malice, darling. Give the fabric and the yarn some love!
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I can see patty rabbits dress in the first panel
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That Sonic the Hedgehog, tho!
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I imagine that if this was voiced, Sonic would be played by Jaleal White.

Sorry if I misspelled his name.
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XD thats funny! i love ACNL <3
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So that is Sonic's extended family
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I'm trying to scan that QR code, but I can't get it to line up properly!
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Part of Sonic's ear is red. You might want to fix that.
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sonic, shut up. XD
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Sonic's workin' there now? And he's related to the Able Sisters?!
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For lols, bro lols.
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You're talking to someone who wears his mom's underwear.
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