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THE TOWN: part 2

By CSImadmax
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so, how are those turnip prices? are the market prices going down like the hindenburg for anyone else, or is just my bad luck?
God, there's that huge economic crisis in my town, the animals are climbing the lighthouse attempting suicide, being a mayor is really hard....
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Came across this series from EQD. I'm new to Animal crossing (I don't have a device for playing the game; yet) Isabelle is the Animal Crossing equivalant of Fluttershy! (winner of cutest pony!)

Uh... Isabella? I know you want to make Fluttershy feel welcome in your town; but where did you get that confetti poppe--wait!
D-D-Did she raid Pinkie's party cannon ammunition?

Fluttershy's thoughts in the last panel 'when that letter writer said 'emergency' they weren't kidding and Isabelle might know Pinkie Pie'
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LuckoonHobbyist General Artist
i got............... bam.................. i forget XD
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Cartoonist-GirlHobbyist Digital Artist
When I got into my town I had Bree, Pinky, Angus, Sly and Puck.
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prinnylover101Hobbyist Artist
no, no, no, no...no one can't just become from random arrival to mayor of the town. 
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TheStaticStalkerHobbyist General Artist
That's how it works in New Leaf. And alas, your character is as confused as can be.
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In the last panel Isabelle's expression, the dopey grin with the upper teeth on display, really reminds me of K-On.

It makes me want to rip her heart out.
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Animal Crossing New Leaf in nut shell
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ScottoregoProfessional Artisan Crafter
lul'd I did
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Yonin777Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohh I get it! Cause Fluttershy was hired to take care of animals. Psh look at me getting humor.
The fourth panel is my favorite showing Isabelle being her great persuasive self with the power of cuteness.
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TheRedLeafHobbyist General Artist
...how many of thous thing does Isabelle have laying around...?
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you know seeing both fluttershy and Isabella together is one of the cutest things I ever seen
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ChrismilesprowerHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Aika Village Refrence?
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LOL that was fast.
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angelthefurbat1Hobbyist General Artist
Might I say that this is perfect?
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And like a true American, I say screw you guys, I'm going home. Plus, I don't think she can be trusted. Animals that wear clothes never can.
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KingFlurryHobbyist Digital Artist
Isabelle was so EPIC.
I died of laughing,really,what a drama!
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Isabelle what the fuck
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WolvenmareHobbyist General Artist
My thoughts exactly
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silverlunawolf6Hobbyist Writer
XD I haven't even PLAYED new leaf yet. Sweet Celestia, this is some funny stuff.
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wow isabelle you must be on a mood swing, i'll help you if you need me just text me
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