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THE TOWN: part 11

I wish I had a pair of boys bottoms....then I would use them to kill Redd for selling me fake paintings for a whole month. this wasn't a good month, stupid october.
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Lil sand Cactar... X3

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Whoa, when did Fluttershy visit with the Indian prophetess cat? When I read her prediction, my mind's voice switched inbetween Zecora's and Whoopi Goldberg's. Also I heard Taste of India by Aerosmith playing in the cat's room.

That's it! Fluttershy is going to get to the bottom of this swamp of deception!
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The guy in the hard hat looks like Whispy Woods from the Kirby games.
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If we could kill Redd over fake paintings, I would have gone "Vlad the Impaler" on him months ago. Do like Loid, thou.
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my house is filled with the wood things (can't remember name) :/
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*Wears boys bottoms*
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the Authors Note
That's why I use the Internet
I want to see CSImadmax wearing boys bottoms.
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Flutterrage returns!
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you mean flutterbitch.
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Both terms are acceptable.
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First panel: Dat plot. :icondatplotplz:
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XXX-Holic, great show.
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Better manga.  xxxHOLiC's TV adaptation wasn't that good in my opinion, but the manga is one of my favorites.  At least until they tie it into Tsubasa Chronicles and it jumps the shark.
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I'm just getting to the manga. It seems a little easier to follow than the anime.
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So Katrina is Yuuko now?
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someone call the doctor or a medic or someone because Isabella is as good as dead I tell you.
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Poor Gyronid..she scared him up as hell!
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boy bottom shorts are gorgeous   xD

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