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THE TOWN: part 10

By CSImadmax
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the museum is a total waste of time, I don't recall ever visiting it, I just keep bringing all the stuff I found to it.
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Uh, Owl who -- Whoot? Legend of the Guardians - Soren Icon (sorry Soren and Hedwig, bad pun!) - - hasn't introduced hims--
panel 4- my mistake, Blathers? Fluttershy isn't triggering a repressed memory here. One of her cottage's companions (Fuzzy Legs) is merely consoling you.
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A www Poor blathers
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They really are that friendly. Hell, I've just walked with some, before.
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Awww poor blathers the tarantula is sweet.
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aww the tarantula loves blathers
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:( (Sad)  I know that feel Bro
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poor guy (cant remember his name)
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that explains alot.
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That Beetle has Kamina glasses! :D
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So that explains what happened to him! Poor Blathers. (He's my fave character by-the-way :D)
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:psycho: in so much drama 2 day
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Oh my gosh, the spider consoling Blathers is way too cute!
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XD i love hwo the spider is jsut comforting him lol
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lol that last panel lol
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:hugs: its ok blathers, its ok
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*Hugz him and the spider,too*.. dawwww.
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