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Secret #6

By CSImadmax
ooooh well, this was supposed to be posted last week, and by that I mean halloween, but since I asked my bro to do that first panel for me (and I really apreciate it, thank you very much, etc) it took more time than I expected at first mostly because he totally forgot about it .

tl;dr excuses
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MESIASelRocketo's avatar
"Steamed hams, but with Superintended Discord and Principal Celestia"

If only...
Persona22's avatar
Yeah... there's only one version of it with Twilight and Celestia...…
sora765's avatar
snes  discord?
riccardiscord's avatar
supernintendo....i can't stop laughing
fireskull41's avatar
haha, love the H.OT.D. reverse :)
AzuriteRaven's avatar
MLP mixed with highschool of the dead and Twilight looking like Seako, my life is complete ;W;
herostalker's avatar
Celestia: Oh such wanton destruction.
Super intendant Discord joins Celestia on the roof.
Celestia: *gasp* Super intendant Discord!
Discord: why was it that the first word I thought of when I heard school and blown up was CELESTIA! 
LordSleeper's avatar
Just perfect! Discoooooord!
herostalker's avatar
The simpsons reference... Check
high school of the dead... Been there loved it.
mlp/eqg........................ What's not to love
clayman0302's avatar
Great page. The first panel looks genuine to the reference of High School of the Dead. And 'Supernintendo Discord?' Good one Pinkie Pie.
Wait0wat's avatar
It's just real funny how happy and calm Discord is with all this death in the hall rooms.
vanghool's avatar
Dude, you have got to do more superintendent Discord. He, principle Celestia and vice-principle Luna would have hilarious chemistry. 
Eric743's avatar
I don't believe LOL is enough to express how funny this
starchild334's avatar
i didnt even realise what pinkie said lol
nisucu's avatar
Pfft Bwahaha ah Pinkie.
Redholm's avatar
SuperNintendo Discord is best Discord :P
Luigiten1's avatar
LOL Super Nintendo
Philaharmonicai's avatar
I feel so validated by this. All I would ever read is Discord as a janitor when my headcanon told me he would be superintendent in EqG form. That and your comics are always hilarious and this delivers! The first panel is beautiful and the rest are too - happily so. Really like your humanized Discord too!

Also agree with the earlier comment of hearing Chalmers through Discord. It all makes such perfect sense.
KaruilKnight's avatar
Also, Goddamnit, Pinkie Pie. Must you reference Ralph Wiggum?
zerius24's avatar
Panel 3: Why it reminds me of The Simpsons?
Sturmlion1's avatar
Oh yes, a high school of the Dead strip. Pure awesome!
zaks0512's avatar
Simpsons reference detected
Kuruttra's avatar
Discord as Judas *has just seen MLP Season 4 Finale* yeah seems believable
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