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jeeeez, I've been sick for more than a week, is not good to be sick, I highly recomend you to not to get sick and instead get an ice cream or something better (probably 2 ice creams) and I'm just not saying this because some big unrelated ice cream company payed me mad money for subliminal advertisement *cough!*Häagen-Dazs®*cough!* but beacuse everything is better with ice cream, or something.
so yeah, whatever
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Damn, She dove for it. XD
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It kinda reminds me of Azumanga Daioh!
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so...they don't have homes or something???
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faceplant for the win!! reply if that ever happened to you at school
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So the school has a cave with vampires, and anyone else realize time desync and incosistancies between foci, and celestia is orochimaruko
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So.... Luna's homeless?
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What I wanna know about Human Luna: Why is her skin so much lighter than her Pony counterpart? :X
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That only mean one thing 0w0, because every one  in human form in equestria girl has a light skin, they are all racist :( 0w0
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da da da daammmmm
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Random Turian: You Ponies are all racist!
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Twilight: She's touching me....Oh god make it stop.
Pinkie Pie: There are no brakes on this friendship train.
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The hand on the face is wha get me.
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You know, ever since seeing the movie I've wondered about the sort of indifferent, cynical attitude they gave Principal Celestia. I found it intriguing, and I don't know whether to take it as a joke/having some fun, or a writer's actual view of Celestia.

I dunno. Anyways, great comic! :3
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It's not the same woman.  Celestia's stand in in the human world was as annoying as Princess Celestia, but she died in the dark ages, not having Celestia's immortality.  Principle Celestia is dozens of generations descended from Princess Celestia, and very different from her X great grandmother.
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Ha, man that must one old highschool xD

Though in all seriousness, it's an interesting point, one that I hadn't thought of. Personally, I believe she IS supposed to mirror the real Celestia, just as all the other characters mirror their pony selves (since there's Luna to consider too). But to each their own. In any event, you could certainly use that as an in-universe reason for a fanfic or something.
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I always chalked it up to this Celestia being a high school principle and having to deal with stupid teenager problems, while Princess Celestia has to put up with annoying nobility.

The difference being that Princess Celestia can regularly mess with her subjects and can have cake delivered on a whim which probably takes a LOT of the edge off of things.
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Haha I'm sure the cake certainly does.

You also raise an interesting point, which also functions within the realm of the universe. Which is fine, obviously, I'm just unwilling to accept it as a reason for its existence in the movie. As in, sure, it's certainly possible the writers thought of that, but I doubt it, partly because I don't think that level of thinking went into the script. Call me picky, I just want to know the reality of it, kind of like how we all have fanon reasons for why Derpy's eyes are lopsided, but the reality is that it began as an animation error (or a joke, I can't remember). I'm fine with fanon, but I like to know the other side of it too. But hey who knows, maybe you're right :3
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