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a Fallout comic commissioned and written by :iconalfredofroylan2: go here for the original post [link]

P.S: I nuked Megaton and I regret nothing.
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Ha! I see the fallout and Futurama refrences!
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Sparkle Cola at first panel.
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BENDER I choose you!
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You nuked Megaton...you sick woman!!!
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Why you so mean !?
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Because her blew little kid and her big brother.
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Tell me why she blew her kid and big brother during huge war
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No no, I'm sorry.
She blew an innocent child AND the 'brother' of this innocent child.
Both of which lived in the town called Megaton. A town that was created during a nuclear apocalypsis-like enviroment.

Suddenly, CSImadmax showed up. Talked with a fancy misterious guy with a hat who promised her a little money if she detonated the nuclear bomb that was situated right in the middle of the town.
And she accepted.

It's all in the game Fallout 3. Play it.

Unless I got your comments completely wrong.
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Im not fan of fallout game 
But im still not play that game ! Fallouts set 22nd century like 1950 style
Im still playing game like cod mw , gta , etc
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This works so well!
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lol... why Wall-E...
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I see bender in the second panel! Futurama ftw!!
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That giraffe... She's adorable.
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Mechs and Mega Mechs...:P (Lick)
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