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Pokemans Diamond: Memories

By CSImadmax
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in a unrelated comic note, how was pacific rim? has anyone seen it already? is that good? man, I wish I could watch it now!
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Aun es mas confiable que la ingenieria genetica
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Ditto is such a whore.
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this made me laugh so hard
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Nice try but Keldio is in the undiscovered egg group.
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so easy to mess up that last word :3
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This just earned you a "watch"! and :+fav:
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that description thou
yeah i saw pacfic rim,best movie i've ever seen
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...just borrow my Pokemon duplication USB for crying out loud, chewed up gum with smiles won't work.
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You need to add addittional dittos!
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panel 3 same here
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Me: why not use a action replay? 
Mario: get serio-
Sonic: lol I have so many Charaizards
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Charizards Sonic? I have so many SHINY charizards.
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Me: sh*t nit again
Mario: Mama mia
Sonic: (rides on mega shiny latios) WOOOOOO!!!!!!
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Sorry that would only work if he was a female
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actually... no, dittos can breed with either gender
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But to produce a keldeo egg you need a female keldeo, otherwise you just get a bunch of ditto eggs.
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But thats the thing with ditto, no matter what you pair it with, it will always come out with the other pokemon, no matter the gender of the pokemon in question.
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