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have you offered something to your waifu/husbando today?
well, if you did, remember.....there's always someone watching you...
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"So... are you gonna give me those cupcakes, or...?"
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Twilight you got some splaining to do.
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Twilight: "uh...I'm the PRINCESS OF MAGIC!! *MAGIC!!!* You know? *MAGIC?* I ain't gotta 'splain shit! 'Cause it's *MAGIC!*"Nana, look what I have and you dont! 
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I was doing a Lucy reference to be funny here.
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Twilight Shocked Emote :iocnsaysplz: this isn't what is looks like
Princess Celestia Icon Profile :iconsaysplz: spike leave the room
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This is TOTALLY not what it looks like, I didn't just kiss a picture of you with lipstick and have decorations by your picture, hehe...
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the Twilight+Celestia relationship may be subject to interpretation.
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I love how each panel ups the lovely, delicious awkwardness a little bit more.
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go fanfiction writers! a world of adventure awaits you!
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One Direction Fan Club reference :3
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And then Celestia incinerated Twilight's eyeballs.
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We all know that time
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Celestia: Well then... i'll be off.
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Well that's pretty damn awkward
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maybe its just a thank you kiss.. on a picture... of here... uh.. 
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Twilight: um.... hi?
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I can actually see this happening XD
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i can't stop thinking that in this comic twilight looks strangely chubby. Like if she was pregnaçnt or something (yeah, now try to unsee that).
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