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Mare Do Well adventures

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derclops, still better than aquamare.
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oh, this made me think of a very silly online comic:
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Xbox14 Artist
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Schwarzer--RitterStudent Traditional Artist
Did you know there is only one single result if you search Deviantart for "derclops"?
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You kill them derpy, you killed them
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Shadowknight132Student Artist
How Jason Todd really died
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Cause 3681 wasnt good enough
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Derpy upset from another failed hero job turned to a life of crime. Ponyville was defenseless without Mare-do-well and had to make daily muffin sacrifices. Overlord Derpy was pleased with the muffins and peace returned to Ponyville. when ever a muffin sacrifice is messed up this happens. www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5yv6p… 
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take no prisoners 
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Burning-Heart-BronyHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, derclops!
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Benpanced, you pretty much summed it up for ALL of us...
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Oops, I just don't know what went wrong.....
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lol, oh god the was hilarious. You need to control it better Derclops.
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Omg im fucking bawling thats too good.

Its funny because its true...
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What about Rarity? She'd be perfect for fighting against a crablike enemy! 
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mh3umasterHobbyist General Artist
lol i think that was rarity in the mare do well suit
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I dont get the whole crab-enemy thingy of rarity....
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I would hold back those tears if I were you. superheroes have a habit of doing back from the dead.
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Everyone came to Derpy's side when Derpy was removed from the show, only to turn around and make her more stupid than even the most hateful Derpy artwork.
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Anyone up for roasted chicken?
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Scootaloo: Generic Sidekick and cooked chicken.
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But aquamare controls more of the world than celestia and controls ALL sea life, be it a sea alligator to Godzilla, his friends, and many other deadly things that you didn't even knew existed! Things that make the kraken look like a total wimp!
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Yeah dude but still: aquamare....
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Yeah, Aquamare: the one able to hold her own against supermare, and whose tactics compare to that of batmare. Basically, a badass.
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Yeah but ..but.. aquamare....
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