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recently I was watching that anime "ghost stories" with a friend and damn it was so funny, the dubbed version is hilarious, the script is just stupid like DBZ abridge.
but yeah is sad when an anime comes to america and the script is changed just for the sake of potential successful sales (*cough!*Duel masters*cough!*) hmmm I think zatchbell was changed too but I'm not sure because zatchbell....well it's zatchbell (but now with 90% more censored blood and weapons).
also thanks God cowboy bebop aired before this was a common thing to do during translations.
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As i remember, the guys doing Ghost Stories themselves thought they did a horrible job, so they even asked the american dubbing company that bought Ghost Stories to go Batshit-Crazy with the dub.
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Well from what I heard the script was so bad the studio in Japan who shipped them flat out told the Dub studio to do whatever they could to make it sell. XD
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Yeah you're just a moron...


The only animes that have a sucky dubs are the Marketable ones...
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Balls on fire eh? Sounds like someone needs to see a vet.
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I know what you mean
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this is surprisingly accurate.
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what is the blurred purple thing on her head…
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Wait that was from something different .3. nevermind
HalfLlamaAllMagic's avatar
Scootaloo's hair.
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ThePoketrixHobbyist General Artist
Hey, at least it wasn't a case of jelly doughnuts.
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Im just glad Trigun evaded this trend.
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Actually, western adapters have been modifying anime for decades going all the way back to Kimba and Speed Racer. A heavily butchered Nausicaa was released as Warriors of the Wind in the 80's. And three different animes were spliced together to make Robotech, though that's remembered fondly enough.
In the 90's, Sailor Moon was edited to remove homosexual relationships, as was Cardcaptor Sakura. And Dragonball Z was censored, rewritten and abridged (in the traditional definition).
If anything, Cowboy Bebop came after the trend died down, when more companies started respecting the source material.
Joke dubs still happen, but unless it's 4kids, they're few and far between.
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ChaudStarpowerHobbyist Artist
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This looks the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure of pony anime as far as the animation goes.
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subs and dubs....it really does depend on which anime you watch really it works for some...others...it just kinda kills it.
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whistle-tallHobbyist Digital Artist
Errr, Keldeo? ^^;
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AuspisticizeStudent General Artist
i love you for this. XD
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Hoofpan ponies are weird
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Hatsune1Miku123Hobbyist Artist
ikr? tokyo mew mew was so much better before they went and changed it! plus food names are cuter :3
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Darkton93Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm actually with Twilight.
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AuspisticizeStudent General Artist
same here, i love anime. <3
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