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so yeah, I had a sudden urge/nostalgia for mario games and started playing some, I even challenged my brother and some of his friends to some go-kart stuff but then I realized that I suck, like suck SUCK suck and lost every friking race, all of them.
also stealing power ups from people is just cheating! totally cheating! no way you can convince me otherwise.
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Mind if I ask, what game of the Mario Kart franchise do you play? Wii, Deluxe 8, etc?

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why is there two shells
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Well, Pinkie Pie has her own shell, so she just used it along with the other turtle.
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Okay, Pinkie it's normal, Koopy... Just... no

[SorukinoPokemonY left the site]
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Woah!!! They are naked!!! :omg: :omg: :omg:
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Naked Turtles Put Shell Back On
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aaaaa put your shell back on!
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i c wut u did there XD
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how did they win?
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The pink shell on her back. That's why she's nekkid in the last panel lol
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umm... I don't own the game ^^; how's that pink shell special?
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Well you don't get to use that shell in the game. Get it, cause it's part of her character......:p
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oh... I see... but I still don't exactly get it
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...the turtle and pinkie used their own shelves to defeat the enemy.
Please, this is easy to get.
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I'm kinda dumb... ^^; plus it doesn't exactly help that my motherlanguage is Dutch
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Oh...sorry about my impolite response, I just had a bad day :(
I had once been a language learner myself, it was real tough to understand others. 
Anyways, hopefully you get to enjoy this comic. Please forgive me for what I have said. CURSE YOU!  
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*looks over second to last and last picture*




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Ah, the Mario Kart Double Dash nostalgia :3
And I died in the 2nd and 4th panel XD
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