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Equestria Origins

well, I really wanted to draw Lauren's pony :iconfyre-flye: so I made a comic...and a parody...and a lot of law infringements.

also I was eating a bunch of donuts while drawing this so my sugar levels were over 9000! mmm...donuts!

thanks x1000 to :iconmassiveselection: for the help here. :D
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I would hate this comic if MLP wasn't made because of it.

there's a crazy story on Fimfiction called "MLP time loops", actually it's more like a collection of short fics, and in one story, Kal-El lands on Equestria, on a farm, and...essentially replaces Applejack (or was it Macintosh) for all of seasons 1-4.
Well, Superman is solar powered. This story checks out.
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..i'm gonna kill the father before it explodes... WHY DID HE FORGET LULU!??!Chainsaw Chainsaw Chainsaw Chainsaw Chainsaw Chainsaw Chainsaw Chainsaw 
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Dude, take a chill pill ._.
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It's funny because 4 years later Luna has had 2 episodes and Celestia has had 0
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i feel bad for luna a little 
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Sorry for getting off topic but did you know that superman home planet is made kryptonite and that is weakness. So got one thing to say how da fuq does antone live on that planet.
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It turns him normal.

Then he's vunrable.

It's also radioactive. At one point Luthor was actually dying from prolonged exposure.
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Lol. This is hilarious!
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Well no wonder Luna's got anger issues. lol
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luna never gets the love :(
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i feel bad for luna
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well it is a dark comedy thing right? kinda feel bad for luna but Lauren does have a point
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at least lunas momma loved her xD
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This would be ripe for a follow-up...

Luna grows up with Clark/Kal-El? *snickers* Since her power is 'Magic' based, she'd be the perfect one to annoy him.

Lulu Kent: (Luna in ugly hornrim glasses, which causes everyone to think she's human) Maaaaaaa! Clarkie's walkin' on the ceilin' again!

Yeah, spend about 20-25 years as Supe's sister/co-hero, then plop her back in Equestria.... /)*o*(\ 
All hail the Lunar Heroine!
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That colt is a sad excuse for a father
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