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Darkmoon faire

By CSImadmax
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in other unrelated news I just finished playin' Adventure Time: hey ice king why'd you steal our garbage!. it was too short and I feel like complaining somewhere... but yeah, no. :(
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......... i want to die... because i feel to bad for her
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this is so sad...I cant take it...
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So love this last panel...
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I feel by not putting Iron Will in actual armor from the game, a huge opportunity was missed. 
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This uh

This is dark.

This is realllllyy dark..
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World of War craft, you play? Me too I was at the DarkMoon Faire. It was fun Trampoline fun portal fun 
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i love the darkmoon fair too its awesome
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I love the Darkmoon Faire where do you think I go to all my free concerts?
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but it wrong. Trixie don't deserve place. not what mean about it place. it is nut and wrong place for Trixie. it hurting her. don't want to go a real job to go back
to rock farm. it maud will help you. Trixie it place is hurting you Trixie I don't want to see you looking like that. you are a good pony. is wrong to hurting trixie
is very very wrong I don't like that. is wrong to hurt her. is really wrong...T_T:( :((
why are you doing this. Trixie doe't deserve. this. is hurting her. iron will. please control your children. please help Trixie I know she have a bad day.
just please help Trixie. now.
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Uncle Iron? I expected Uncle Will
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The things Trixie puts up with for Heirlooms.
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ok the last panel is a bit funny but i'm starting to feel sorry for her now:0
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Oh, por Trixie... so sad, but is just too funny!!! :D :D :D
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it...NOT..>:( funny. that mean. is wrong really wrong.>:(
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Uh... I'm not the only one how finds this funny... plus it's just a comic, you don't need to feel like that... and why are you here if you don't like it, anyway? :-?
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sorry. really sorry I care about Trixie.
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I so love your comics (^v^)
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And this is what's "missing" from the Darkmoon Faire. lol
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i want to laugh and cry at the same time 8')
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Huh. I've never seen a little minotaur girl before. This comic is adorable! Especially Trixie in the last panel. Poor girl.
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Just think of it as a young female tauren. *nods sagely*
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