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Call of the CMC



-learn lvl.1 petrify spell.
-turn enemy into stone.
-put him in your garden where he can be easily awake.

I totally blame Scootaloo :iconscootalooplz: and sweetie belle :iconsweetiesinisterplz: for waking up Discord, Applebloom :iconapplebloomplz: was just a victim of the circumstances.
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Discord (maid) plz Slaughter? What's the fun in that? I perfer light Chaotic Evil/heavy Chaotic Neutral thank you very much. I'm not some psychotic clown you know. Hmm, you do sound like ol' Celly.

iconcheerileewhatplz: Don't you dare do anything to me you fiend!

Discord (yes) plz Oh, I won't do anything bad. Just this. (Gives her wings and a horn).

Celestia Angry Luna, get me Twilight. Discord stole my wings and horn again!

Princess Luna Like a boss Emoticon So you are saying it's an Avenger Level Threat?