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So... I took this day off to go to the orthopaedist. Nothing to worry about I'm just wearing special shoes because of my ankles, and they make me a new pair in every years. We go together with my mom, she also has special shoes because she had an ugly accident long time ago, and she needs the shoes because of that.
So I got home sooner, and now I'd like to catch up a bit with some things.

First I feature two awesome friends and my finished collaboration and art trade with them:
Waterwoman Lineart  by Csendes-Arny  Waterwoman Coloured by Indiliel

ART TRADE WITH :iconll-fenix-ll:
Art Trade Dragon by Csendes-Arny art trade: Spaceboyfriends by ll-FENIX-ll

With Indiliel we still have an upcoming photo-collab-trade. :3
And I'm open to other suggestions too. Don't be shy! I opened these options, because practically I'm never asked, so I think I should let the people know that I'd like to do such things. Plus it really inspires me either trying to paint something in a trade that my partner will like, or working together.

Another submission I'd like to feature is this journal entry:

And another one:

I was inspired by this dA entry to post something with a meaning with message. So even if I'm not a professional artist, merely and amateur, I can still add something to the world, I can still have a message.
One thing why I was so disappointed with my old fan arts, that it was enough to sketch up a popular character and people instantly faved it. I fell into a habit of drawing things without telling anything with them. I missed the old times, when I had worse drawings but with more message.
So... I picked something that got a strong emotional response out of me, and painted the smoking woman. Then the conversation started, and d4174179  mentioned littering, so I took photos about littering.
And I think we started something here, because it inspired Indiliel to post her photos about the problems she saw where she lives.
Monkey's Butt by Indiliel Illiterate by Indiliel

I honestly hope that more people will join this.
And I honestly hope that it won't be just complaining among each other, but it can become educational.
We are not a bunch of bored people who has no life and we have to critique others so we feel ourselves better.
I think we are Open Eyes, eyes that can see problems, eyes that can show these problems, so we can ALL learn from then, and change things, and teach the people around us to change things, because nobody will do it instead of us.

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Indiliel Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015
Thank you for the multi-feature :hug:!

It would be wonderful if more deviants would start an art/photography series about problems in society and hopefully it would make people think about it and change their behaviour :nod:.

Also I understand what you mean with fanarts. It annoys me, too. I draw mostly fanart, but I don't want to go by how popular a character or theme is, but only draw what I really like and even with fanart I want to express something. However it is somewhat disappointing if nobody reads the comments or thinks about the meaning, but only faves the art because it shows some character they find hot =P.
Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Especially when a popular artist or person mention something, all their fans suddenly start to support the cause.
That's why people notice Emma Watson and her role in the He for She campaign, or when celebrities took the Ice Bucket Challenge, but I think it's the same even when Lil Bub and her Dude raise funds for special need animals.

About fan arts. I think it doesn't matter how much fun it is to draw my favourites, I found it very destructive because of how people reacted to them.
I reloaded many of my old fan arts and I will reload more too, but I won't care so much about the comments on them, and if people notice them or not.
Though I plan to draw new fan arts, I want to lift it to the next level. I don't want more meaningless pictures. I want to interpret the characters and show how I see them, what their story tells me. Maybe use them as practice...
But I'm really glad I can think out of the "fan art" box now.
I didn't draw that much lately, but I have story ideas, and character ideas, and somehow I will figure it out how can I write them, draw them, share them.
Actually for me it's not wise to start telling a long story, because I never finish them. So I must cut the things into short stories for example.
Indiliel Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015
That's all true!
But I am glad when celebrities use their status for good purposes like that.

I know what you mean about fanart and for that reason I ignore comments that I think are unfitting, too. Also I do not care if somebody has a different interpretation of the character and does not like mine. I'm not going to let anybody ruin my passion for the fandom because of that.

I'm looking foward to your art (no matter fandom or not :aww:!)
Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It's not that I got negative comments on fan art.
It was destructive for me, because I don't want to be loved for something that isn't mine, and lose people every time I dare to move to another topic.
It's depressing.
I know you for a while now... you have a stable style, a certain range of topics, so people stay around.
But I made fan arts for a dozen of fandoms (Fullmetal Alchemist, Hetalia, Homestuck, Star Wars, Star Trek, Hellsing, Harry Potter, about Johnen Vasquez' works, Artemis Fowl, Tron, Soul Eater, TNBC, Death Note, Matrix, plus various movies, comics, actors and animes... )
It can attract many people, but only for short time. As soon as I move to another topic or they get bored in their fandom and switch, it's over.

Real appreciation or support will never come from such people.
My watchers should be people who like variety, just like me, and who can get the point of what I'm generally trying to do.
It's OK, if they don't like photos or fractals, or something... but the other parts of my gallery are not boring to them, then they are likely to stay around. :3

Nobody ruined my passion for something, I just don't want to be completely a fan artist because of this, and because I feel the need to do original works.
Indiliel Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015
I fully understand that.

But I think it is not easy to find others who like variety.
I may be very loyal to my fandoms and am not doing so many different ones. But there are people who started to watch me for only one single fandom and stopped being an active watcher after they realised I do other things too and might do 20 other artworks before returning to the fandom they like. I find that a bit annoying and that is the main reason I do not have many active watchers besides people I am friends with. But I will not let that determine what type of art I work on.
ll-FENIX-ll Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you sooooo much for the feature, Sis!! Kawaii Mouse (Being Kawaii) [V1] 
Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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