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I got another tag, and I don't mind, and you don't mind it either, because most of you don't read this XD

Indiliel  tagged my character Csendes-Árny


009 by Csendes-Arny 017 by Csendes-Arny

Originally I created this character for a Star Wars fan fiction, as a non-human character, but I dropped that project. It happened in those times when I moved into this gallery, and I needed a name, and since I gave her a Hungarian name, I just started to use it, because I felt the name fitting to me too. Then I redesigned her a little and put her into my original story, but didn't rename her, that's how there are two persons with the name Csendes Árny, one fictional and one real. :D

I wouldn't call Árny a self insert, because I totally couldn't do half of the things she can XD, but she got a little portion/aspect of my own personality, though this is true about 80-90% of my characters. :3

Árny is belongs into a race called "Taran". On the sketches above I rather just tried her look, but I'll definitely change the nose to more like Fang-Ti's on this picture
Fang Ti OC line art by Csendes-Arny I just didn't find the right shape immediately :3

Árny has a mentor in her school, who happens to be her brother, Szélvihar Éj. The fact that the older sibling, Master Szélvihar is her teacher didn't ruin their relationship, because Árny took her training very seriously, and she is very disciplined.

Árny can pilot smaller space shuttles or ships, and she has a companion robot, a Katt, otherwise she is not really a techie.

Before she met Kalin, she acted very proud like royalty. This pride mostly came from the fact that she was among the school's top students, and her master was the personal student of the school's founder, Lord Meeran. Kalin changed her attitude when he showed her things about people she didn't notice, because she was so full of herself.

Árny is one of the few students who didn't hate Edyen.

Árny was the only person Kalin fully trusted.

Árny: Now I tag someone, you took my name, I took your tagging privileges.
Me: OK, feel free to choose. :3
Árny: What was that?
Me: What? :3
Árny: That.
Me: What? :3
Árny: Oh, you know that very well.
Me: This? :3
Árny: Yes.
Me: That's a smiley, it's a cute cat smile. :3
Árny: You're as childish as Kalin... *sigh* OK, then I tag Indiliel 's Skirgård.
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Indiliel Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
It is definitely interesting to read about her! I feel like rading more and asking a bunch of questions, but I will restrain myself ^^!

"cute cat smile" :XD:
Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
You can get to know her a bit better, but only IN character :3
I played with the idea of visiting each other's worlds.
Like my character landing on the planet of your characters, and trying to discover that mystical realm. Or your character (after hit by some magic spell) waking up near or in Meeran's academy, and walk around... people would think he or she's a new student or some visitor... (depending on the character's age).
So they could interact in a non-canon alternative time line :3 or crossover rpg :D :D :D
Indiliel Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
I can and do move my characters around various settings. Maybe their homeworld can somehow be part of yours or there can be a 3rd setting that is new to both your and my characters?
Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
well.. uuh... I only suggested it because then through your characters you could get some info of the world of my story and vice versa.
But I don't think that a fantasy game's world could exist as part of it. Nope. It's just against some core canon elements, and if I would change those for the sake of the game, then you would know nothing about my world, because it wouldn't be that any more.
A few visiting characters are different, because they wouldn't cause so much disturbance and interference, they could fit in, even if they would use magic, because everyone around them would try to find out what's the trick... and they wouldn't believe it was magic, but they couldn't ignore a planet full of magical creatures. In my canon there is only one planet that is believed to have higher divine powers (and even that one isn't completely what is seems).
It was meant to be an opportunity to peek into each other's worlds. For your sake, because you wanted information.
But if you don't want a visiting game, then we won't do that. It's OK. :3
Then I rather go with a completely alternative world, though I won't bring there anything from my canon world, because then it wouldn't be the same story. Probably I would change even the relationships of my characters. XD
Different world, different story line, different roles. They simply couldn't be in the same position in an alternative world. :3
Indiliel Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016
That was just an idea that would allow us to view both worlds without needing to change much. I thought "my world" could be a random planet in your galaxy.
I'm not really fixed on any terms for a roleplay. Visiting would be fine, too :nod:.
Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It could be, if the mere existence of a second "magical" planet wouldn't be against the basis of the whole imperial system.
The population of the Empire lives according to the rules, given by the Spirits from a holy planet. No one else, except the Spirits possess "magical" powers (at least they seem pretty mystical, and secretive, and magical)
Another similar planet, with "magic" would totally confuse the whole population.
Humans and elves with supernatural powers would open the question, what if the Spirits are also such mundane creatures, and use the Empire's resources for their own purposes. It would result in an inner conflict between the core worlds.
But that's not how it is in my story.
But if we play, that nobody knows about the planet they just get visitors from there... then it's totally the same to not putting there the planet at all.
Not to mention that those Spirits would have a few words about it too... they probably wouldn't leave such a planet alone. ^^; sorry...
Indiliel Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016
Ok, I see your objection here :D!
I think that also makes it complicated to have my magical characters visiting yours? BTW I think my characters would most likel define telepathy and changing the outer form as magic, too :D.
Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
But individual characters could blend in. As I said, people would think they use tricks or something... And my characters don't shapeshift all the time. (There's a reason behind it) and not all characters are telepathic (actually until now none of them are who appeared in the story) some elves are truthseers, but that's different, they can't pick up other people's thoughts, that's not how it works. :D
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