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New Journal Skin

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2015, 5:43 AM

I think you already noticed that I submitted a new journal skin into my gallery. This is it. Since the Sheep's year will begin soon... But you all see that. :3
If you like it install it and use it :3 (if you like it but don't have premium membership, you can still install it, because sometimes there are promoted periods on dA, when you can use journal skins temporarily)

Other things:

I think it is time to clear a few things about me.
Though I submit my fractal works and photos, I'm neither a fractal artist neither a photographer.
I have  Fuji Finepix J10, and I'm running with it up and down and take shots for fun, but this is just not a professional camera for serious photography.
I also don't have the system resources or the skills for making professional fractal works.

I still like it better though when people enjoy my photos, than when they ONLY like my fractals.
It is because I think it's a bigger challenge to take enjoyable shots with my little camera, and edit my photos, than making my fractal works.
Many times I can't bring out any decent shape in the fractal editor. Sometimes I just try tutorials - and you know that because I include them in the comments.
And even when I'm lucky and manage to find a good fractal shape, it's still the computer alone that renders it for hours.
A fractal's shape is not how it is because I have every control over it, it's someone else who wrote the formulas, someone else made the plugins, and in the editor I just change variables and move triangles and stuff like that. And most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing.
So... while I can't say that I don't put any effort into them, it's still just a half work or less.
It is not like that I understand the maths behind it, or something.

I'm trying to say that I have other works. Drawings, crafts, things I made from very basic materials.
I don't say that they are always impressive.But they are my reason to be here.
And it kind of hurts me when people enjoy ONLY the fractals in my gallery.
And I don't talk about fractal artists. They are naturally mainly interested in that genre. I talk about the others, especially those who watched me before I started to work with fractals. From them it's a bit like saying:
"Hey pal, you know it would be better if you'd sell your brushes and pencils, your computer does the drawing better, just push the buttons, OK?"

Once someone told me to make journal skins with "my works" and it was so painfully obvious that she meant "works" only for the fractals in my gallery.
Well I didn't stole the other pictures either... so then how should I interpret it? The other pictures maybe aren't "works", they don't hit the level of a "work".
Then what are they? Doodles? Junk? What? ^^;
12-13% of my submissions are the fractals and fractal manipulations together. That means 87-88% other things, mostly drawings and photos.
We have to face it, that I'm not a fractalist, if someone wants ONLY fractal art, or even quality fractal art, then they should watch someone else.

Here is a little feature form the real FRACTAL ARTISTS, who do this seriously and on a really artistic level. :

Path of the Fae by katdesignstudio

Spring Parade by katdesignstudio

Curls by tatasz

Crystal lights in the rain by KateHodges

Nightgarden by plangkye

Early Winter by C-91

TIA'd by GrannyOgg

Skin by Csendes-Arny (modified by Csendes-Arny)
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Indiliel Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015
I definitely watch you for your drawn art and photography above fractals. Though I do find fractal art nice and think you made a bunch of pretty fratal works, it is not necessarily my favourite type of art (which has nothing to do with you but is just my personal preference). It is not that I don't like it, but I think I would not watch someone only for fractal art.

Though you say you are not a professional photographer and don't have the right equipment for that I do think you have great ideas and taken a lot of quality (compilation, angle, content-wise) photos. That does show that you have an execellent eye for photography. Of course the foto-quality with a professional camera is different and it gives you more options with the sttings, but that equipment is ridiculously expensive :O_o:.
However I enjoy your photography :aww:! And above all I watch you for your drawings and paintings.

Last but not least I love your journal skin! The colors are so nice and the sheep looks so adorable :aww:.


Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I know what you mean. Though I watch a fractal artist, it's still good to see many other kind of art too.

Thank you for kind words about my photos :3
As soon as I can, I'd like to buy a bit better camera. Not a too expensive one with a dozen lenses and stuff, just something that can do nice macro photos. :3
I think they are available for me too after saving some money. But right now I'm saving the money for the bigger goal, the house buying.

Oh and I didn't mean this "watch thing" about everyone. Actually I was disappointed in only one person. And she knows it annoys me, and never tried to discuss it, also didn't stop leaving me those pointless comments on my fractals like "yay new wallpaper" and similar deep ones.
It pissed me off. ^^;

And I'm glad you like my sheep skin :3
I might colour that sheep line art later :3
Indiliel Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
You're welcome =).
I don't know how good the situation is with eBay in Hungary? I got my reflex on eBay for a fair price and after watching the market for months. After Christmas is usually a good time, because then people sell their old cameras after getting new ones for Christmas :aww:. Also after the summer people tend to sell there cameras after their vacations, because they bought it only for that matter.
GrannyOgg Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for featuring my work here. I read your journal :) I am happy to be called a "Real" fractal artist who takes it seriously.  My works are the result of many hours spent poring over tutorials and other peoples work. Unfortunately for a lot of us on D.A. we have to compete with thousands of other Artists. I too do photography and other stuff. I think that you should regard Art as a hobby as some one once said
"nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent".
Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome. :3
Sorry about the negativity. Generally I don't really care if people don't like my works.
But one person I considered a friend was not honest with me in this question.
I tried to sign her that she's telling and doing things that hurt me and take away my mood from fractals and other things alike, but she didn't get it...
I think this journal was the moment when my glass was full of it ^^;
Anything else is just kind of additional to this.

But I decided that I won't let her ruin enjoying fractals and the fractal community for me.
She'll be offended but I asked her to stop commenting on my fractals. :blushes:
I don't want to block her or anything too drastic, but I already feel myself better that I won't have to think about her reaction every time I open the fractal editor ^^;

But I really meant that there are serious fractal artists on dA, and I include you too.
I think it's serious enough if someone takes the time and searches for resources and learn new things and tricks to build wonderful fractal images.
I learn from the better artists, and they also inspire me to try new things.
It's always interesting to look at a fractal, and telling myself: hm... this shape is good, I wonder if I could build something similar.
(Then I start to experiment and end up with something totally different :3 :giggle: )
Or looking at a fractal which reminds me of a city or a spaceship interior, or just pure energy or a nebula.
And once I saw one which was like tunnels or a nest made of glass. *-*

Thank you for your comment :hug:
GrannyOgg Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
We all get inspiration from seeing someone else's works and I think we need that. 
Negative appraisals of your work are better than no comments at all as long as you are able to take them on board.
The way to grow as an artist is to turn them into a positive.
I would suggest you visit some big Art Galleries and see the wide diversity of work that passes for Art. Anything goes ;)
Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, maybe I was confusing. She didn't critique me - she never tells critiques. But that's one thing.
I can deal with critiques, maybe not in first few moments, but I can.
But it's really disappointing to realize, that someone I know for years and believed she liked my works, suddenly changes so much that now she is only interested in things that she can use (she made a habit of calling all my fractals wallpapers) and except the fractals she only wants me to make journal skins with fractals, while she clearly states that she is not even interested in abstract art.
Believe me, no comments are better then reading "New wallpapeeeeer" or "Ooooh sparkles" on every single fractal I post. ^^;

It annoys me so much, because if this is the maximum, the highest level. Because she dropped it once, that she thinks my fractals are the best in my gallery... than what can she think about my other works? Her opinion matters to me, and it hurts that she didn't tell me honestly her thoughts, but instead of it I had to realize it slowly. Her "no critique" policy really backfired this time. :(
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February 15, 2015