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Well happy Homestuck day :33

Though I still have a few chapters to catch up with, I heard about it that 'Homestuck ended' today.
Fans write all kind of things everywhere about it.

Since I'm a fan too - And No, I Am Definitely Not Ashamed To Like A Humorous And Very Complex Story - I thought I should write my own journal about it.

But the first thing that I want to say is that Homestuck is not "ended" it's finished, it's completed.
And it doesn't mean the end of the fandom.
I mean just think about some really good literature... people discover it even after decades and read it and talk about it.

I know, I know... Homestuck is different, because it's an interactive web comic, and already had its lovers and haters before it was finished XD or even half of it was finished XD... but still. It's something worth discovering.

The best thing about Homestuck is that totally average, clumsy characters grew to be the heroes of a surprisingly chaotic story.
Because of the large numbers of characters you can see unfold dozens of motivations, emotions, relationships, and of course you find characters you can relate to.
Sometimes the trolls with your zodiac will give a painfully accurate description about your own feelings, sometimes you'll feel related to one of the beta or alpha kids. Homestuck is colorful and crazy and exciting and frustrating...a little bit of everything.
And despite of the rumors that Homestuck is a stupid thing, it takes quite some brainwork to follow the events, and to get the jokes. I mean it, because many parts that are designed to make you "suffer" or feel frustrated, are probably meant to be jokes. But if you don't get it, then you'll close the page and never return and miss all the fun.
Iit iis hard to start iit, and keep readiing, but once you are over Act 1, things get some speed and swirls and spins and intermissions and all kind of crazy creatures and space and pirates. :::;)

But enough of the talk, I want this journal to be visual too, and show you some of my favourite things about Homestuck :33

<< my favourite music from Humestuck ^u^

So you think you can dancestor? by okakopa

HS-Dancestors by Toadiko25  Homestuck Kids by Rolling-Mozaik Beta - Alpha by wallabri Canned Love by BlackHarpyGoddess we walkies by 021 Homestuck by black-labradorHomestuck tribute by Valerei

Homestuck by leesers

Don' eat the miind honey
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Thank you so much for including my dancestors picture! I'm glad you liked it!
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