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I know it's kind of egoistic, but I do browse my own gallery.
Because I expect to see things, and I also check things...
... I check if it's good to look into my folders or I upload too much junk...
... I try to see where are my strengths and weaknesses as an artist, and it's easier when I look back at works later than with freshly finished pieces.
I think one of the best art of my gallery - if not the best - is my fractal art folder.
It isn't as easy to really nice things with fractals. It takes a lot of time to learn and discover new things, but I think I really made some progress, and that's what I'd like to show you today.

Back then when I discovered fractals, I started to experiment with Ultra Fractal, but I was a bit clumsy.
It was easier for me to learn to use Apophysis first, then started to experiment with UF again and then Mandelbulb.
Here is the progress with each programs:

UF (from early works to new ones):
TF themed fractal - tfa sentinel by Csendes-Arny  Pitypangok by Csendes-Arny Spiral Field by Csendes-Arny  Nova Julia Spiral  by Csendes-Arny Connected-Fibonacci Julia Challenge by Csendes-Arny 4klein Pattern Flowers by Csendes-Arny   Spirit Dance  by Csendes-Arny Petals And Lightbeeds by Csendes-Arny Lenses by Csendes-Arny

Becsavarodva by Csendes-Arny Floor by Csendes-Arny  Spherical by Csendes-Arny  Atjarok by Csendes-Arny  Planet With Ring by Csendes-Arny  Freecurling by Csendes-Arny  Elvish Spherical by Csendes-Arny Csigacsiga by Csendes-Arny Whatever  by Csendes-Arny Vintage by Csendes-Arny  Green Winter by Csendes-Arny Fractal Bending by Csendes-Arny Szalagok by Csendes-Arny  

Mandelbulb 3D (not much work with Mandelbulb yet):
The Magic Mountain by Csendes-Arny fossil corals by Csendes-Arny Ice in the light of fire by Csendes-Arny

I'd like to hear your opinions, advices, what I should try to make fractals more interesting...

Thank you for reading and commenting and helping me! :aww:
Cosmic-Cuttlefish Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the way you set out this journal - like you said, it definitely shows a progression. I also saw a couple of pieces I'd otherwise have missed - I particularly like the planet with rings fractal, and your new UltraFractal pieces!

I occasionally look at my own gallery, too, and I find it can be useful, e.g. for trying to avoid making something too similar to a piece I've already submitted. One of the things I consider the most difficult, in fractal art, is to create your own 'personal style' that's instantly recognisable, whether through types of texture, composition, lighting etc. used... It's something I'm still trying to figure out, with my own work. One of the things that always draws me to a fractal piece is if it has an interesting concept, and executes that concept well - I think it's something that's occasionally neglected in fractal art, since some pieces end up being interesting for technical, rather than artistic reasons, if that makes sense.

I guess I don't really have anything in the way of tangible advice, especially since there are still a lot of things I need to learn about Apophysis, but I'm always happy to help out if/when possible. :)
Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not sure if I have or want to create a certain style.
Maybe people would like it more, but I'm afraid it would be boring for me.
I just like doing whatever comes to my mind, learning and trying new things... random things.
Actually I also have a lot to learn, probably much more than you :D :D :D

About the concept, that's an interesting question.
Since most fractal art are rather abstract, I think it's perfectly understandable if some fractalists focus only on an aesthetic composition, something decorative and nothing more.
But true, it's always more interesting if a piece has something to say.
I admit, many of my fractals are just nice compositions. I think I put a bit more concept into my drawings... when I'm not too tired to paint XD XD XD

Thank you for your comment ^u^
Believe it or not, it helped, because you made me think about a few things ^u^
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August 13, 2016


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