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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 27, 2015, 2:13 PM
We started an art challenge together with Indiliel
We both gave 5-5 themes and the task is to complete 3 of each half of the list.
Here is our list with the finished artworks :3 Enjoy! I'll update it as we make progress.


1. Personification of at least one planet of our solar system. Chose a planet and show what a humanoid character could look alike that represents that traits of that planet. Not necessarily by the Latin/Greek name of the planet, but rather by its physical traits like color, material, shape and/or other scientific facts. Digital or traditional media is fine.
Mercury by Csendes-Arny Venus Earth by Csendes-Arny Mars Phobos Deimos by Csendes-Arny Jupiter by Csendes-Arny Saturn by Csendes-Arny Uranus Neptun by Csendes-Arny Pluto by Csendes-Arny

Neptune by Indiliel

2. Halloween costume. Stick an original character in a Halloween costume that fits their personality (e.g. a grim reaper costume would not match a vivid character). Digital or traditional media is fine.
Alpha and Galea in Halloween Costumes by Csendes-Arny Evening of Samhain by Indiliel

3. Fictional solar system. Create a fictional solar system with a sun and a set of planets or other objects. It does not have to be scientifically correct, but should rather show a variety of different planets. Use traditional media.
Fictional Binary Star System by Csendes-Arny fictional binary star system II by Csendes-Arny Fictional Solar System by Indiliel fictional star system III by Csendes-Arny

4. Fantasy Weapon: design a weapon (e.g. sword, axe,...) in a fantasy style. It should not look like a copy of something known and it should be practical (no silly designs that make the weapon unusable). Digital or traditional media is fine.
Knife earrings with knife pendant by Csendes-Arny Fantasy Weapons by Indiliel

5. Abstract Emotions. Draw an abstract artwork showing two opposite emotions (like love/hate, joy/sadness). The artwork can be divided equally or unequally in both emotions. They could run into the other or have a sharp border. In any case the art should be done with traditional media and be clearly abstract.
abstract emotions: hectic and calm by Indiliel abstract emotions: heavy-hearted and buoyant by Indiliel Opposite Emotions by Csendes-Arny opposite emotions II   by Csendes-Arny


#1 The Tribal Tattoo Design
Use either traditional or digital media to design a tribal style black tattoo.
The subject must be an air plane OR a microscope.
Microscope Tribal by Indiliel Tribal Air Plane  by Csendes-Arny

#2 Alien Flora
Use either traditional or digital tools or both to depict a fictional plant from a fictional planet you imagined, no fan art. The finished picture must be 2D work, 3D programs or elements, or photo-manipulation is not allowed, drawing/painting only.
Alien Plant by Csendes-Arny Alien Plant Day by Indiliel Alien Plant Night by Indiliel alien plant QC02001 by Csendes-Arny

#3 Fancy Gender Bend Fan Art
Choose a male or female character from any fandom, draw him or her as a member of the opposite gender, dressed up for some kind of fancy event.
Traditional media only.
The result is good if the clothes/dresses are fancy and detailed enough and the character is recognizable.
Fancy Genderbend Fan Art - challenge theme by Csendes-Arny

#4 Starship Design
It is the future. Humanity spread from Earth, and now lives on several planets and space stations.
Draw the exterior design of a big starship (enough for 2000 people) used for interplanetary traveling.
Traditional and digital media both allowed. No 3D art, no photo or fractal elements.
Space Ship - Titanic IX by Indiliel Space Ship Concept  by Csendes-Arny

#5 Comic Style Illustration
Choose any scenes from Tolkien’s Hobbit with at least one humanoid character (human, elf, orc, hobbit, dwarf… etc) and illustrate the scene in a western comic book style. The result is supposed to be a single, colored comic book style image. Traditional and digital media are both allowed.
Thorin and Thranduil by Csendes-Arny Flies and Spiders by Indiliel

Indiliel Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015
That is wonderful that you made a journal for our challenges :clap:!!!
I like this idea very much. Even if I will need some time to complete all, I will definitely be willing to do more challenges like this =)!
Csendes-Arny Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I told you, I will :3
It's easier to bring them together.
Oh it takes time for me too. That's perfectly OK. But I love doing them too. They inspire me. <3
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