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I skipped a few months to feature some art, so now here is a new one. :3

What happened around my gallery?

I thought about making some pictures about the life in the area where I live.
I'm not always in the mood for think about reality when I try to relax with art, so I'll need to wait until I'm in the mood for making such a piece.
Here is the 1st:
Children by Csendes-Arny

I also got some request, because I played a funny game with the people in my game group.
Wolf by Csendes-Arny  Girl Visiting Fairies by Csendes-Arny
It was just perfect, because I needed themes to draw. The second one is actually my idea, based on things the person said she likes.


I want to show you LaYoosh  's comic pages. Since he has a full time job, he can only work on it in his free time. I'd like to encourage him with this, and saying thanks for asking my opinion about his works in progress. :heart:

Terra Crisis page 07 colored ENG by LaYoosh 

I also found some really nice art on dA, so I show you topics that interested me lately.

The Visitor by TamberElla  Watering Can by Klegs  tearing off layers of reality by formerselves
Rise to the call by SalviaDroid  the swift by zoextxt At the Cafe by DusanMalobabic
fox by pandakelly Weird Garden by AnonymousElements  Reflection ! by DinuStefanLucian
Reflections by ErinNicholls  Fairytale tree by Katarzyna-Kmiecik  Red Fox Chillin' by magnifulouschicken 
New Friend by Jei-Dinofelini  samurai warrior by harveytolibao Parolee Loading Screen Background by zombat

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Terra Crisis page 07 colored ENG by LaYoosh  Marker experiment - 2nd Mizukage by Yotofu  my perfect match by bellwi
Doctor Mess! by Dani-Owergoor  2nd acrylic still life by beckhanson  Introversion by MattDixon
Stormy night by Nivalis70  Shikaku Nara by Olggah  David Bowie by Maniakuk
I wonder about love  by Csendes-Arny  Fox In The Snow  by Csendes-Arny  Venus Earth by Csendes-Arny

The rule is simple, 9 from YOU 3 from me, feel free to repeat it ; )

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I decided to create a new feature journal type where you can show yourself + generally spread art.
Use it please! Let's make it survive! ^u^

1. Select 3 of your own images for the journal.
2. Select 9 from your favourite folder.
3. Share your journal / spread the art / everyone are engouraged to do the same - even if you were not featured / if you were it's up to your judgement to return the feature or create one with totally new artists / repeat it time to time.
4. Don't forget to have fun!

Peksutemeny Kaveval by Csendes-Arny Tree  by Csendes-Arny Music by Csendes-Arny
Run boy run by Diabolo-menthe BOW H7 by StefanoLanza Lavender field by Irbeus
Lackadaisy Lucidity by tracyjb White bush by Indiliel Miniature 1:12 Cat sculpture -- Bootsy by Pajutee
Golden Branches by Cosmic-Cuttlefish Rainbow Dragon Dice Holder by PepperTreeArt
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I share Neferchau  's journal here, to highlight an interesting photo challenge. Check his pictures and challenge yourself if you find it interesting. ^u^

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Happy New Year everyone!

I don't have anything special to say. I pretty much skipped the last year on dA.
And I have to say that I didn't feel so eager to log in daily, so this is not so addictive after all. XD
To be honest, it can be very depressing. I mean the entire dA experience.
As I see, most of the people here hope for something, and they all try to get it from each other.
Unless one is a real professional talented person, they will have a really hard time to stand out.
It can leave people with very negative feelings, take their inspiration and confidence in their art.

Once you step out of dA, and show your art to normal people around you, you can experience a shock.
A good one. I was amazed how random people wanted to see my early morning drawing, or how my classmates on the course enjoyed my funny sketches (and I have to add that at least half of them had creative hobbies, and they were good)
I found myself in various groups with normal people, and they are totally different than dA.

I mean they are free from that pressure that we have here. Here we are compared to each other, compared to professionals, there are thousands or deviations daily, and one really has to stand out and agressively share and advertise to be seen.
And if you don't, then eventually you'll become desperate and bitter without the desired feedback.

I don't say that it is the same for everyone, there are lucky ones making lots of friends, but not everyone can get that.
And many tries to pelase others to keep them around instead of creating their own unique way.

There is a contstant pressure to comment back, watch back, fav back, because it is polite, and be up to date about people's journals, just like in any social media.

We are not some mini stars, merely normal human beings, and art is our hobby (for most of us). It should be relaxing to make art, and share art, and not something that puts more pressure on us and overloads us.

I don't know how active I will be on dA. I'll probably store a copy of my things here, because that part of the site is practical.
I wonder if another way would be better to share art with people, because honestly, I don't want to "target" other artists as audience, because they seldom work like that.
Most of us can't do both, work on art and spend hours to follow back everyone else too. I can follow maybe... up to 10 people if they don't share many things. If they do, then much less.
And I already have as many artist friends, including LaYoosh  Indiliel  Yotofu  Tsiki10  Cosmic-Cuttlefish  Neferchau  ... and someone who is not on dA. So sometimes I come, see their works, maybe share something, but I'm not here daily to wait comments and see if people notice me. XD

I don't know how you feel or think, but this is how I currently feel about it.
I'll see if it changes anything.

Sorry for not writing a happy cheerful journal. My last few days were not about being happy and cheerful. So I'm grateful for simple peace too. ^u^

To say something positive... I wish to you to find your own ways, and feel confident about your art, and enjoy it, and be creative in the new year! ^u^

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Happy Holidays for everyone who read this and celebrate.
Sorry for the many submissions today. I neglected my account for too long. ^^;
This is the name of the group I recently created.
I don't have big plans but to make a little corner where people can look at art and find

  • peace
  • calmness
  • silence
  • relaxation

So basically this isn't about doing art as a relaxing activity, but to build a collection of art that can make the audience feel peaceful.
This isn't easy, because various things calm down various people, so when I judge I try to follow a general idea about what is calm and peaceful and relaxing :D like

  • nice geometric patterns
  • fractals
  • landscapes
  • peaceful/calm scenes

and I also try to pay attention to harmonic composition and colors.

If you know people with such art, or found something unknown that really fits this topic, suggest the pieces for me :) in note or on this journal. Or you can suggest the group to the artists, so this group can have some members too.
Non-members can submit too (but less).
And if you like the topic, watch the group.

I will be a bit strict about quality and topic, so you'll really get the type of art I described :)

Thanks for reading and sharing!

I decided to continue to reload my old art to this gallery.
I stopped when my previous computer gave up and I needed a new one.

Sorry for overloading you!

You can help me by telling me if you see duplicates of anything in my gallery :)
Please link me those images IF you find any :) I'll try to be careful and upload one thing only once.

Have a nice weekend! ^u^
Pumpkin House by Jaffa-Tealc Happy Halloween! by eclecticeric Pumpkin Graveyard by moonhigh
Daisy, Daisy by VicEberly Malignant by AbstractedEye
Chasm of the Abyss by Cosmic-Cuttlefish
 Witching Hour by marijeberting Writhe by GrahamSym
Ultra Frightening Objects by WorlockMolly All seeing eye by BoxTail Invasive Lifeform by WorlockMolly

And one from me to all of you :pumpkin:
Pumpkins by Csendes-Arny

I know it's kind of egoistic, but I do browse my own gallery.
Because I expect to see things, and I also check things...
... I check if it's good to look into my folders or I upload too much junk...
... I try to see where are my strengths and weaknesses as an artist, and it's easier when I look back at works later than with freshly finished pieces.
I think one of the best art of my gallery - if not the best - is my fractal art folder.
It isn't as easy to really nice things with fractals. It takes a lot of time to learn and discover new things, but I think I really made some progress, and that's what I'd like to show you today.

Back then when I discovered fractals, I started to experiment with Ultra Fractal, but I was a bit clumsy.
It was easier for me to learn to use Apophysis first, then started to experiment with UF again and then Mandelbulb.
Here is the progress with each programs:

UF (from early works to new ones):
TF themed fractal - tfa sentinel by Csendes-Arny  Pitypangok by Csendes-Arny Spiral Field by Csendes-Arny  Nova Julia Spiral  by Csendes-Arny Connected-Fibonacci Julia Challenge by Csendes-Arny 4klein Pattern Flowers by Csendes-Arny   Spirit Dance  by Csendes-Arny Petals And Lightbeeds by Csendes-Arny Lenses by Csendes-Arny

Becsavarodva by Csendes-Arny Floor by Csendes-Arny  Spherical by Csendes-Arny  Atjarok by Csendes-Arny  Planet With Ring by Csendes-Arny  Freecurling by Csendes-Arny  Elvish Spherical by Csendes-Arny Csigacsiga by Csendes-Arny Whatever  by Csendes-Arny Vintage by Csendes-Arny  Green Winter by Csendes-Arny Fractal Bending by Csendes-Arny Szalagok by Csendes-Arny  

Mandelbulb 3D (not much work with Mandelbulb yet):
The Magic Mountain by Csendes-Arny fossil corals by Csendes-Arny Ice in the light of fire by Csendes-Arny

I'd like to hear your opinions, advices, what I should try to make fractals more interesting...

Thank you for reading and commenting and helping me! :aww:
:iconpatreon-plz: :iconpatreon-plz:
A strange thing happened today. Raw strawberry meet a cooked potato. 'End this!' - said the potato. 'You're dead' - was the strawberry's reply. 'Oh, you wouldn't dare!' - the potato mocked the raw strawberry. 'Unintelligent Moron!!!' - the potato shouted back. Your task is to decide who won the fight. For your information, the strawberry was really Raw. I think it was a little scary. Eleven potato wouldn't be enough to squish the sour juice out of it. No way! Do you think it mashed the potato?
May the 4th be with you, and prepare for the Revenge of the 5th :D :D :D

#starwarsday2016  #starwarsday
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Well happy Homestuck day :33

Though I still have a few chapters to catch up with, I heard about it that 'Homestuck ended' today.
Fans write all kind of things everywhere about it.

Since I'm a fan too - And No, I Am Definitely Not Ashamed To Like A Humorous And Very Complex Story - I thought I should write my own journal about it.

But the first thing that I want to say is that Homestuck is not "ended" it's finished, it's completed.
And it doesn't mean the end of the fandom.
I mean just think about some really good literature... people discover it even after decades and read it and talk about it.

I know, I know... Homestuck is different, because it's an interactive web comic, and already had its lovers and haters before it was finished XD or even half of it was finished XD... but still. It's something worth discovering.

The best thing about Homestuck is that totally average, clumsy characters grew to be the heroes of a surprisingly chaotic story.
Because of the large numbers of characters you can see unfold dozens of motivations, emotions, relationships, and of course you find characters you can relate to.
Sometimes the trolls with your zodiac will give a painfully accurate description about your own feelings, sometimes you'll feel related to one of the beta or alpha kids. Homestuck is colorful and crazy and exciting and frustrating...a little bit of everything.
And despite of the rumors that Homestuck is a stupid thing, it takes quite some brainwork to follow the events, and to get the jokes. I mean it, because many parts that are designed to make you "suffer" or feel frustrated, are probably meant to be jokes. But if you don't get it, then you'll close the page and never return and miss all the fun.
Iit iis hard to start iit, and keep readiing, but once you are over Act 1, things get some speed and swirls and spins and intermissions and all kind of crazy creatures and space and pirates. :::;)

But enough of the talk, I want this journal to be visual too, and show you some of my favourite things about Homestuck :33

<< my favourite music from Humestuck ^u^

So you think you can dancestor? by okakopa

HS-Dancestors by Toadiko25  Homestuck Kids by Rolling-Mozaik Beta - Alpha by wallabri Canned Love by BlackHarpyGoddess we walkies by 021 Homestuck by black-labradorHomestuck tribute by Valerei

Homestuck by leesers

Don' eat the miind honey
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silverbullet72  tagged my character, Fang-Ti

Fang-Ti colored by Csendes-Arny

Fact #1
Fang-Ti is a taran, but such vivid red fur is extremely rare. Most members of the species has brown, grey or deep bluish grey fur.

Fact #2
Fang-Ti's color is fiery, but not just this, he has a passionate fiery personality too. He can be hot headed, vengeful and has a lot of sexual energy too.

Fact #3
He is a real troublemaker. Matures late in personality, and before that he spends a lot of time with childish mischief. Through this time he gets enemies which leads further conflicts and even serious hate. He is jealous and loyal only to himself and to the one teacher he looks up. ( Yes, even he looks up someone. )

Fact #4
One time, he tried to cause the death of a fellow acolyte, it was meant to be a revenge.

Fact #5
Fang-Ti is a skilled sharp shooter.

Fact #6
He isn't as proud as he shows it to the outside world.

Fact #7
Fang-Ti probably had more adventures with women than all the other main characters together.

Fact #8
Fang-Ti dislikes Kalin, because Kalin stopped or prevented a several of his pranks, still they never had any real duels or fights. Maybe Fang-Ti is one of the few who didn't underestimate Kalin, but maybe it was only his natural instinct that told him to not go against the other boy.
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I got another tag, and I don't mind, and you don't mind it either, because most of you don't read this XD

Indiliel  tagged my character Csendes-Árny


009 by Csendes-Arny 017 by Csendes-Arny

Originally I created this character for a Star Wars fan fiction, as a non-human character, but I dropped that project. It happened in those times when I moved into this gallery, and I needed a name, and since I gave her a Hungarian name, I just started to use it, because I felt the name fitting to me too. Then I redesigned her a little and put her into my original story, but didn't rename her, that's how there are two persons with the name Csendes Árny, one fictional and one real. :D

I wouldn't call Árny a self insert, because I totally couldn't do half of the things she can XD, but she got a little portion/aspect of my own personality, though this is true about 80-90% of my characters. :3

Árny is belongs into a race called "Taran". On the sketches above I rather just tried her look, but I'll definitely change the nose to more like Fang-Ti's on this picture
Fang Ti OC line art by Csendes-Arny I just didn't find the right shape immediately :3

Árny has a mentor in her school, who happens to be her brother, Szélvihar Éj. The fact that the older sibling, Master Szélvihar is her teacher didn't ruin their relationship, because Árny took her training very seriously, and she is very disciplined.

Árny can pilot smaller space shuttles or ships, and she has a companion robot, a Katt, otherwise she is not really a techie.

Before she met Kalin, she acted very proud like royalty. This pride mostly came from the fact that she was among the school's top students, and her master was the personal student of the school's founder, Lord Meeran. Kalin changed her attitude when he showed her things about people she didn't notice, because she was so full of herself.

Árny is one of the few students who didn't hate Edyen.

Árny was the only person Kalin fully trusted.

Árny: Now I tag someone, you took my name, I took your tagging privileges.
Me: OK, feel free to choose. :3
Árny: What was that?
Me: What? :3
Árny: That.
Me: What? :3
Árny: Oh, you know that very well.
Me: This? :3
Árny: Yes.
Me: That's a smiley, it's a cute cat smile. :3
Árny: You're as childish as Kalin... *sigh* OK, then I tag Indiliel 's Skirgård.
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We are doing a little tag ping-pong with Indiliel  , so here is another fact meme journal:

1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character.
3) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

My friend tagged Lily. Well it will be interesting, because Lily is strongly in development.

Fact 1: Lily belongs to an elf like race, though these "elves" are not all pretty and perfect looking, but they have pointed ears, so Lily has them too. She also has red hair.

Fact 2: Lily works for a kind of police or military organization.

Fact 3: At some point she will know Kalin too, but it won't be a perfect happy little friendship.

Fact 4: Lily is a rather stubborn person.

Fact 5: Lily had a kind of mentor figure, Aymir Kentar.

Fact 6: Lily loves her home planet, still because of her work, she moved into an apartment on the government's planet, Stara.

Fact 7: In the story she will get a mission, and during this mission she will meet Kalin.

Fact 8: Lily is an idealist person, she has her image about how things are supposed to be and how they are, so reality surprises her time to time.
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I was tagged by Indiliel to do the OC facts meme

1) Post these rules.
2) Post 8 facts about your character.
3) Tag 8 other characters.
4) Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

My friend tagged Kalin, so I will 8 things about him.

Fact #1: Kalin's look
Kalin is a boy, but he has a somewhat feminine, but otherwise ordinary look. He has a neutral brown hair and a slightly warmer shade brown eyes, some freckles. He wears his hair in this short bushy pony tail, because that's his style, he wants his hair, but doesn't it want in in his eyes, still some of it always comes out here and there, and it annoys a few people, especially his teachers, because they think he looks like that because he is sloppy and careless.
On the last pictures his hair grew a lot, that was a kind öf experiment for later styles for later chapters.
I know, it sound stupid to talk about chapters, and you never saw anything of it. It's because I'm writing it in the background, and don't post anything until it's final.
Kalin   by Csendes-Arny Kalin And Edyen Chibis by Csendes-Arny Edyen Kalin and Lily in peaceful times by Csendes-Arny Kalin sketch by Csendes-Arny 003 by Csendes-Arny

Fact #2: Good or Bad
Sometimes it's hard for the other characters to tell if he is good or bad or neither. Kalin is a chaotic figure, but not because he cannot decide about himself, but because he prefers to keep the decision for himself. He knows why he does things, and he doesn't care if anyone else know it or not. Maybe the only person he truly opened to was a taran girl from his school. (* tarans are a race in my story)

Fact #3 Fighting man
Yes, Kalin is a fighting person. He doesn't avoid physical fight at al costs. He even kills for his allies.

Fact #4 Cold person?
Not at all. Kalin has complicated and deep emotions. Part of it comes from the family background, part of it comes from school, and part of it is his personal "self-training". He is loyal, and cares about the people he loves.

Fact #5 Special abilities
Kalin has a "special" ability. But in the story's universe, it isn't uncommon.
Because of his father's genes, he can cover his arms with a black shield. It isn't invincible, but it gives some protection. Theoretically his kind is capable of doing it on the whole body, but the ability is extremely rarely mastered perfectly.
Because of his mother's genes, he might have certain enhanced mental abilities. But that's normal too. Actually about half of the people in his mother's race have much more advanced mental abilities, like being able to tell if someone said truth, or being really gifted at observing and analyzing.

Fact #6 The worst about him
The worst about Kalin that if he gets trapped or feel trapped in a situation it makes him numb, I mean emotionally and it effects his mental state of course. He becomes bitter and passive. (Now that I wrote it, I just realized that his father acts the same way too... XD LOL)

Fact #7 The father
Kalin lives close to his father for a long time, still during that time, the man didn't know that the boy was his son (he didn't get the hints).

Fact #8
Kalin: "Why do you think so much about an 8th fact about me? Tell them I love wearing that old brown leather waistcoat with the fur collar... which you so generously gave to my father. *pout* It's not even his size!!! I want it back!"
Me: "You'll get another one."
Kalin: "I want that one."
Me: "No you, don't. You'll get a new one. It will be nice and clean, and YOUR SIZE. Because that old one was big for you. :P"
Kalin: "I'm still growing... it would be the right size soon. But, OK, I don't make a fuss about it. Just sucking your blood... but you promised a new one."
Me: *hug*
Kalin: "Maybe tell them I stole a space shuttle once. That's funny. You should draw a picture of Meeran's face when he found out."
Me: "You just told them. I won't repeat it. :P"


Now I should tag people and characters... Kalin, come back, help me! Hey where are you going?
He won't help me ^^;

Ryoko - LaYoosh
Scarlett - LateAMdoodles
Livid - Yotofu
Telyn - Indiliel  ( tagback tiiiime )

and I leave open all the places because I don't know who has characters who were not tagged already :D So feel free to fill the meme ^u^
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Core membership expires :3

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 19, 2016, 8:05 AM
Well... I have 6 more days of core membership, I just got the reminder. So no more pretty unique journal skin or sub folders... because I seriously won't pay more than 14 000 HUF for a year. I just can't. I need the money for something else. I can't eat or dress in my core membership. So I'll be a normal member like the majority of the site. :3
I will probably only miss the journal skin and the sub folders... but I'll get use to the basics soon ^u^

Oh and I seriously need a new avatar... but I was lazy to do the pixelwork :3

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