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Castle Crashers Papercraft

Loved the game Castle Crashers and saw on their dev blog someone made a papercraft model. I scoured the internet for hours and just decided to "reverse engineer" the photograph and make my own Castle Crashers Papercraft Model.


This is the full PSD, you are free to make changes (Such as the Color).

Other Colors:





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aaaaah goodness :3 This is great, I'm gonna make a bunch and attach them to the top of my computer monitor at work!
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dang ,i want that doll
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for those of you who had trouble with the "neck" part, here's a template that has a different one.
i dunno if this will help, but hopefully it does!

oh, and thanks crzisme, for making this template!
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do you mind if I post a customized version of this one? I made the blacksmith
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when I saw this I just had to make all of them including pink, self customized blacksmith and 3 grey ones
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finally! someone! awww yeah!
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I'll make sure to get them, thanks!
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THat was in tokyo when dan paladin and tom fulp were there
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it is an awesome game!!
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This is a miracle :'D
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Would this be more stable for a more card-type paper? As in a slightly thicker paper than just regular paper?
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nice work XD
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dunno if your really the one that made these. theyre everywhere.
but major points if you did.
i just made my Grey knight, i did a little altering in the eyes and color changes and shabam there's a Grey knight.
the only complaint i have is that the eyes are a little far apart and the top of the head was hard to put in. but there's not much you can do with the head.
really great tho
Ey, men.
Can you do this boss?
Minute: 4:24
If you do it contact with me: ;)
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made one of these but it got flattened by a book falling off of my shelf.

q-did you get lazy when you made the sword cuz im too lazy to change the colours....
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Really great piece. I tried to build this and I'm not very good with scissors and glue but after finishing it I was quite happy with the result. it looks even better in reality.

Thanks a lot for this!
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Wow! Are yours the ones they featured in Giant Robot magazine? Because theirs seem to differ, as they come with an animal as well.
Either way, fantastic papercrafting!
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Nicely done. I really enjoy the game.
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