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Project Sato Ai by Crysums Project Sato Ai by Crysums
Fufufufu. I had this crap done for a while, just been to lazy to photo it e.e;;; yeah...mangaish thing...called Sato Ai. I suck at word art somehow -pokes the ugly ass logo- I like the way it looks, but I just drew it poorly. Like I hate how I drew it, but I like that its Sato and then Ai is inside a heart o3o

Yea, most of it is just chibis >_>;

Bleh, might as well list who everyone is and shiz.

Girl with ballon: Naru
The clinging: Dono and...some girl that I need to give a name o_O;
Guy sitting: Dono...with an oogly Naru ploosh thing. He's glaring at you 8D
Puppy: Nayru...Naru's pink puppy.
Girl in corner: Naru...with a butterfly on her nose
Pencily unfinished girl on other paper: The nameless girl that was clinging to Dono. She is not happy. Cause we all hate her.

Brown haired: will either be Crystal or Arisu. Either way she is Naru's 'owner' ...aka me. Crystal cause its the un-typo of my name xD And Arisu cause it sounds like the Jap version of my real life name xB
Blond w/ ponytail: Abbie. She likes cows too. Owner of Ryou
Purple hair: Vycki/Vycksta. Owner of Dono...and 2 others if I ever feel like flinging them in here. Or something. whatever.
Prissy blonde: no name...Naru's modeling boss...person.
orange head: Ryou. One of Naru's friends. Same first name as Dono, but she always calls the dono Ryou, Dono...-thinks I confused the entire planet-
Pink Hair next to prissy: Naru
Next to Naru: Dono. he's going grrr
Other pink hair: Runa...Naru's identical twin sister...she designs the clothes Naru models.
Pink hair on floating heart: Naru
Other floating heart: Dono...his hear has batty wings xD
Chibi Puppy: Nayru
Chibi uncoloured girl: Naru.

eh....I prolly just confused the hell out of you. Eh well 8D I'll eventually upload each thing seperately when I feel like it.

eermm....oh yea...Sato means sugar and Ai means love. Sugar Love 8D

Done with my stupid pencil and Prismacolour Markers...cause copics dont exist near me and...are more expensive anyways. I iz not rich Dx
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charmmykitty Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2006
I love this! Especailly the girl with the pink hair!♥ *pink hair fan*

Are you going to make a manga/comic thing out of this?
Crysums Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2006  Student Digital Artist
That's Naru xD

Yep, if I don't become a lazy bum and die xD
syrupee-kitten Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2006
woah.... this looks like one of those photographs that pro manga artists show for their "work in progress."
is this a project for your art school?
Crysums Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2006  Student Digital Artist
Nope, doing it on my own for a manga I wanna make (if I dont get lazy xD;;; ) called Sato Ai.
syrupee-kitten Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2006
so are you going to ink it and everything??

that's soo cool :D
Crysums Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2006  Student Digital Artist
ahaha, no e.e; I don't even know how to ink and what type of ink I'd even buy. So it'd be turned into lineart on ze compy
BellKatie Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2006   Writer
So cute! ^^ Your coloring is so good!
Crysums Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2006  Student Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
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October 8, 2006
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