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Meme by Crysums Meme by Crysums
I started this Meme a while ago...just finished it now.

1- Yono
2- Jakli
3- Himo
4- Jiru
5- Zel
6- Kumori
7- Ri
8- Shiya
9- Yoita
10- Tatsuku

1) Jiru cant cook so shes ordering fried rice...shiya is loling ina corner somewhere and Himo is watching TV

2) Yoita is a shes telling Zel to go away (to a strip a club) so that she can steal Zel's stuff while she is there. Zel refuses.

3) Kumori is giving me a back massage :P She owns a spa so I stay there.

4) Jakli and Rioi making out...and Tatsuku wondering they hell they are using his room to makeout

5) Shiya has an obsession of playing match maker with people she is pissed that they fell in love without her help xD

6) Jakli can turn into a dragon...and save me xD

7) Yono fails at cooking...and was trying to make toast...but the toaster spontaneously combusted when it wasnt even plugged in yet...leaving Yono baffled.

8) Yoita hates Himo wont choose her esp since she is pointing a gun at him. Shiya is a that leaves him with Jiru

9) ...Ri likes seahorses.

10) Himo would have a chance if he had his wings and could fly xD

11) Shiya is pissed she wasnt dresses up as ';Pedro' and tries to sneak in to the wedding

12) Ri is slow and likes seahorses...and cause he is a merperson...he wonders/thinks that he can get pregnant, just like male seahorses do.

13) Yono arriving a day late...and walking in on someone else's wedding.

14) Normally Yoita is quiet and solemn...and hates men...but when she is drunk she rambles on and on and on about she is basically rambling on about how she finds Toshiro (Toshi-kun) so cute and sexy but its weird cause normally she hates me. (Toshiro is her 2nd in command...and he is in love with her...she's in love with him too but very reluctant to admit it to herself or him or anyone) ...and Zel is just like '...who the hell are you?'

15) as said...Jakli can turn into a dragon. She goes dragon and EATS THEM BAWHAHAHAHA

16) ...Shiya is a dumbass and jumped off thinking she can fly..when there is a bridge right there. ...they are being chased by a t-rex

17) Shiya is eatting the trees. Himo is just like wtf and reminding her that there is a campsite store that has food on the campgrounds.

18) Zel is dying in the corner over there...while Yoita is disappointed that there was only $5 in Zel's wallet

lolz I Cori.

all the characters are mine.
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July 2, 2009
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